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A Huge Thank You to All Change Makers!

This year has flown by and New Year’s is just around the corner! Before we all get started working on our New Year’s resolutions, I want to thank all of you incredible Change Makers for all the amazing support you’ve shown this year! I know that every charity that we’ve partnered with is so grateful to each of you for being involved with our mission to take our power back from devastating diseases. Not only have each of you been vital to our goals of giving back, but I’m also excited to show my gratitude to each and every one of you with some new ideas for 2020!

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New Jewelry for Lung Cancer Research

November is almost here and I’m so excited to share my new design with you, Change Makers! Before I tell you more about this new pendant, I want to take some time to reflect on my friends and family. I feel so lucky to have such incredibly supportive people in my life. One person in particular, my grandpa Mike, was like a father to me. I felt absolutely devastated when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within a month. Even though he faced such a huge difficulty in his life, he always inspired me with his strength. I still feel that he cares for me and looks out for me in everything that I do.

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New Collection: Where I Find Inspiration

I always get asked how I come up with my designs. Maybe you've wondered how the images inspire me or how I incorporate them into the pieces. I'll be launching a new mini collection of limited edition jewelry pieces on Sunday 8/4 at the LIVE Facebook Sale. These new designs are a little different than what I've done traditionally, so I want to tell you about their unique inspiration. I'm always searching for new images. Recently, I came across these really amazing photos of liver disease online. Their lines and shapes create excitement in my brain. When I look at the cell images, I’m automatically drawn to certain areas. I start pulling out shapes & outlining interesting portions that I want...

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Behind The Scenes: Revive Studio Tour

Ever wonder what goes on here at Revive Jewelry? Well, I thought I’d take you on a behind the scenes virtual tour of my studio to show you where all my creations are made. When I started Revive I was working out of a tiny room in my apartment. The light in there was so terrible that I would sometimes work in the living room. And the studio space was so small, there was no room for my computer, so it ended up on the dining table... I started taking over the entire apartment. My husband and I started to realize our space was a little too small for both of us & our businesses. (He also works from home-...

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