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How The Immune System Works... Or Doesn't

In honor of Lupus Awareness Month, I've been highlighting topics centered around Lupus- what causes it, personal Lupus stories, and now the culprit- The Immune System. Lupus is a result of the immune system retaliating against itself, and while it's not the only auto-immune disease out there, I have a personal connection to it. My brother was diagnosed in 2012 and it was that experience that sparked the idea for Revive. His diagnosis changed all of our lives, and not for the worst, but for the better. 

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Potential Cure For Lupus- Research Highlight

Lupus is a disease we know very little about. Doctors are still trying to figure out what causes it, who will get it, and how to treat it. The lupus research alliance has been working on funding research to answer these questions. My brother is affected by lupus and the idea that they may find better ways to treat or prevent it would be a dream come true.

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