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Four Fabulous Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Here we are approaching the end of summer and before you know it, we’ll be pulling out those winter coats and scarves. Living in California, I don’t get much use out of a giant winter coat, but I do visit family on the east coast often. Every time I arrive in the winter, I wish my fall wardrobe was just a little bit more chic. So this year I decided to get on trend. I’ve done the research and found four fall trends I think you’ll love.

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A Guide to Choosing Sun Screen and Protecting Yourself from Skin Damage

Living in California, I have a lot of friends who are self-proclaimed “sun worshipers.” I was one of them too, back in high school. We used to spend every minute of the summer laying on the beach trying to get as tan as humanly possible. Sunscreen wasn't ever on our minds, and I got burned, a lot. It wasn't until a couple years ago, when I had a suspicious mole removed, that I started paying attention to the real harm sun exposure can cause. I've written this post to give you the facts about sun exposure so you can be a pro at sun protection. First, it’s important to understand the two types of rays emitted by the sun. There are ultraviolet A...

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Jewelry Care 101

Tell me if this sounds familiar…. You fall in love with a beautiful necklace in your favorite boutique. You debate about buying it, but decide you’ll wear it every day and that will justify taking it home with you. You put it on and commence the everyday wear only to look down one day and realize that your once shiny necklace is now looking a bit dingy and dull. We’ve all done this, but I have the solution! From costume to fine, here are some tips to make sure your jewelry keeps looking good and shining bright! How to prevent tarnishing: Keep it dry! It’s best to take off your jewelry before exercising, showering, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, gardening & swimming....

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Pop of Color Style Guide

Don't we all wish that we had someone to dress us every morning? I usually spend about 10 minutes staring at my closet debating what to wear, hoping that some article of clothing will jump out at me. Although this usually doesn't happen, I do always end up dressed somehow. That got me thinking about what to do when you're tired of your wardrobe and need a fresh look. So I put together some style guides on how to mix and match staple items to breathe new life in to an over used repertoire.  

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Make March Matter- Mega Miracle Day!

Attending Mega Miracle Day with Children's Hospital Los Angeles was such an incredible way to start our March fundraiser for Make March Matter! The event's superhero theme was highlighted by the amazing patient stories shared. Amongst these was Fierce Pierce, a 2 year old boy who was treated by CHLA for Leukemia. Pierce was recently found to be strong enough to return home with his family.

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