Value Spotlight: Quality

Value Spotlight: Quality

This month, I’m so excited to share more about the materials and techniques I use to create the most high-quality cause-based jewelry. Each design is made uniquely to represent your one-of-a-kind story. Intended to be worn every day so you can show your support wherever you go, our jewelry will maintain its beauty over generations and keep your memories alive. 

The quality of our jewelry is meant to mirror the quality of life I desire for you. 

Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime 

Every single piece of Revive Jewelry is handmade by me using all the best quality materials and techniques. These aren’t cheap quality, throw-away pieces of costume jewelry where you’re just buying it to buy it or to support a cause. These are meaningful high-quality pieces of jewelry. 

model wearing lots of legacy jewelry rings and bracelets that give back to cancer research

I know that when you’re buying a piece of Revive Jewelry, you’re buying it because you’re connected to who or what it represents to you. They’re all such important causes and connected to such important people in your life that the quality of the jewelry needs to match your feeling and your connection with the idea behind it. That is why I guarantee all the pieces for life. If you ever have a problem with any of my jewelry pieces, I will fix it for you at no cost. 

Made With Hypoallergenic Metals 

Our jewelry pieces are made from real, hypoallergenic metals. You can wear Revive Jewelry every single day without worrying about allergic reactions to cheap base metals. I use only sterling silver and 14k gold fill metals in my jewelry. Revive Jewelry is free of nickel, copper, and lead. 

sterling silver rings that give back to charity legacy jewelry for a cause
Our rings will never turn your finger green!

Made Using Gold Fill 

Have you ever bought a piece of jewelry that looked gold, but over time the gold color wore off and you could see another metal underneath? That’s the problem with gold plating, and it’s why I make my jewelry using the gold fill technique instead. 

When you compare gold fill vs gold plate jewelry, a gold plate piece is made by adding a thin layer of gold over the top of an often low quality base metal. It looks great at first, but as you wear the piece, the plating comes off. You will either need to re-plate or replace it. 

Gold fill gives you a higher quality, more long-lasting piece of jewelry because the 14k gold fill chemically bonds to the brass base metal, creating a new metal that will keep its gold color forever. All you need to do is take care of it and clean it. Gold fill is the perfect way to get the lasting look of a piece of gold jewelry at a more affordable price than solid gold. 

Pink and gold breast cancer legacy necklace that gives back


Made Using Natural Semi-Precious Stones 

You won’t find any lab-created, artificial, or low-quality bulk purchased stones in Revive Jewelry. I make your jewelry as though I were creating a piece for myself. I want you to love it just as much, so I hand pick every single stone and I use only natural semi-precious stones like labradorite, opal, and moonstone in my designs. 

Made Using Jeweler’s Grade Resin 

Cheap, low-quality resins can yellow quickly, especially if you wear your jewelry outside. I want you to wear Revive Jewelry with confidence, so I use a high-quality jeweler's grade resin that stays clear over time (just remember not to store your resin pieces in direct sunlight). 

cell image histology slides used to make legacy jewelry that gives back to cancer

Made Using Reputably Sourced Images 

You’re buying disease awareness jewelry because you have a personal connection to the cause, so it’s important that the images used in the jewelry designs match their causes. I source all my images directly from histology (cell image) slides found in scientific journals and government research labs. You can be confident that the image on your jewelry matches what it’s listed to be. 

I also hand select the portion of the cell image to use for each piece of jewelry, making your piece one-of-a-kind. Here’s a peak behind the scenes showing my image selection and resin process. 

Behind the Scenes- Design Process from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.


Handmade in the USA 

Finally, every Revive Jewelry piece is handmade with loving care in my Redondo Beach, CA studio. I have high levels of quality control and attention to detail. Since I only want to send out the very best jewelry, I triple check every piece then hand pack and ship it to you. 

nikki holding up jewelry box ready for hand packed shipment


Thanks for trusting me with creating a high quality piece of legacy jewelry to commemorate your loved one or your battle that will last a lifetime. It's such an honor to do this for you. Do you have a favorite memory of a loved one that comes to mind when you wear your Revive Jewelry? Let me know in the comments!

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