Using Covid 19 Against Itself To Do Good-Revive Jewelry

Using Covid 19 Against Itself To Do Good

Covid 19 virus image with 3 photos collaged on top of covid 19 stretch bracelet with red carnelian beads

It's hard to believe what's going on in the world right now. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions; fear, worry, uncertainty, false hope, loneliness, the list goes on. It's been really hard to stay positive- I'm sure you agree. 

Everyday I tried to do all the things I normally do, but it just wasn't the same... All of my shows had cancelled. My personal and family events were all postponed or cancelled. And now, we're basically confined to the inside of our home. Pretty depressing stuff, right?

Then last week I thought, how can I be letting this get to me when I'm all about taking your power back from disease? I had to do something!  

So, I found the Coronavirus image online & decided to use it to make a new piece of jewelry that I could sell and donate 100% of profits to finding a cure.

Coronavirus image

This is an image of the coronavirus under a microscope. I used it to make the round pendant on this bracelet. Do you see it?

Introducing The Covid 19 Stretch Bracelet

 Covid 19 Stretch Bracelet to Fund the Vaccine for Coronavirus

100 percent donated to covid 19 via who bracelet based on covid 19 image with red carnelian beads on wrist

Take Your Power Back

I'm sure you want to do something to be in control of your life again. But for that to happen, you need Covid 19 to go away. Then you won't feel afraid, helpless, insecure, or hopeless anymore. 

Here's our solution: when you but this bracelet, 100% of profit is donated to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund

I understand how you're feeling because we're all going through this together. Which is why I decided to use my jewelry skills to accelerate the fight against Covid 19 with your help.

When you purchase this bracelet, your donation will help the World Health Organization (WHO) combat this pandemic by creating better testing, treatments, the vaccine and providing medical supplies for doctors and hospitals. Specifically the WHO will use this money to, "track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments."

And an added bonus: you're helping me keep my business afloat during this crazy time.

Click below to get your Covid 19 bracelet & join the fight for a cure!

close up of covid 19 image pendant and red carnelian bead stretch bracelet

buy now button

Stop feeling hopeless and instead be a symbol of strength and leadership in the fight against Covid 19.

And if you don't want to support by purchasing a bracelet, you can donate directly here.

Remember, we're all in this together & together we'll get through this. Wishing you health & safety!


♥ xo, Nikki

Nikki Zazzali designer of Revive Jewelry

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