Meet the Designer

headshot of nikki hillman

Nikki Hillman  

"I believe that we all have a disease that touches our lives in one way or another. Whether it be a relative, friend, neighbor, or yourself, we all know people who are dealing with so many different ailments. How wonderful would it be for us to put our efforts together and find a cure for not just one, but for all of these diseases? That’s my dream."

Nikki has been working in the jewelry industry since 2012, but the ambition began long before. After all, she's been beading necklaces and weaving friendship bracelets since elementary school. While studying Crafts and Metalsmithing at CSU Fullerton, Nikki first conceived of the idea for Revive when she noticed the unique shape of the devastating H1N1 virus. She created a brooch using polished silver, cooper, and brass, gaining rave reviews by creating something so objectively beautiful out of something that was so devastating to so many. She completed her BFA in 2012 and went directly into a professional position on the production side of the jewelry industry, but it was also around this time that the concept of Revive began to symbolize even more for Nikki:

"Shortly after I graduated college, my grandfather was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Less than a month later, he passed away, and I felt absolutely powerless as I witnessed his rapid decline. That dark experience helped me realize that I needed to do something to help, and that's when the original idea of Revive came full circle for me."

Nikki decided to take a leap of faith in 2015 and finally pursued the dream she had conceived with her college body of work – Revive: Gems for Generosity. Everyone has their story and reason for wearing Revive, and this up-and-coming jewelry designer is no exception. "I want people to take pride in their struggle, to see their disease not as something ugly but as something beautiful, something empowering. I want to give people a voice to share their story with the world. To bring to light the everyday nature of these diseases and show that each cause deserves to be represented as we fight towards a cure."

Join Nikki to help give a voice to the people who need it the most by wearing your inner survivor on the outside.