Happy Customers

We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and customer service. Here's some reviews from our happy customers.

"I purchased two pieces from Nikki of Revive after receiving a beautiful necklace from my daughter that she made. I purchased a bracelet for a friend whose husband has lung cancer and a pair of earrings for a friend with uterine cancer. Both pieces were artistically designed, well made and not overpriced for the quality.  I feel that Nikki puts her heart and soul into each piece."

-Dede M.

"I love all the pieces I have purchased. There is great meaning and love in each piece. My purchase helps not only disease research, but reminds me of all the loved ones who have died from cancer, my husband, my best friend and so many friends in the past. Each one is unique in the cancer they represent and the design."

-Carolyn S.

"I purchased a necklace and several earrings which I gifted to my family during the holidays. My husband is diagnosed with lupus and I liked buying from a company that not only makes beautiful, handmade products, but also donates to finding a cure for the disease. Lupus is an under researched illness and anything that can be done to understand the disease is a step in the right direction. Thanks, Revive!"

-Cristina M.

"I purchased small pink stud earrings and round cause swing earrings as Christmas gifts. The earrings were beautiful, sparkly, and well-made. My sister and niece were very happy with their gifts! Ordering was easy and customer service was excellent!"

-Kathleen Z.

"I bought a long necklace with a Lung Cancer pendant and clear beads. I gave it to my mother for Christmas. My father passed away from lung cancer and we are thrilled to be able to give back to find a cure. The necklace is beautiful and the pendant is especially creative. I have also bought other pieces in the past. All of them still look as beautiful as the day I bought them."

-Lori S.

"I have purchased several necklaces and earrings from Revive; some for myself and others as gifts for my sister, mother, and mother-in-law.  My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and I was able to get her a necklace designed after a breast cancer cell, so she can have something beautiful to remind her of her strength.  Besides meaningful, this handmade jewelry is beautiful and unique. Some pieces are more simple and dainty and others are a little more flashy with bolder colors.  I love the style and splash of color from the items I've purchased for myself, and everyone I have gifted to loves the jewelry and wears it frequently.  Revive posts the meaning of different gems and colors that are used, too, so I usually print that out and give it with my gift.  This jewelry is especially perfect for gifts because Revive gives a percentage of the cost to research for various diseases.  So, you feel good about spending the money, and the person you buy for knows that their jewelry also provided for charity.  It's a gift that gives twice."

-Courtney Z.

"I’ve purchased 3 pairs of earrings, 1 dangling and they’re beautiful and go with all outfits! Nikki makes the most beautiful jewelry and is always great at communicating. Purchasing is always easy and every time I make a purchase, I know Its going towards an amazing cause."

-Stephanie R.

"Gorgeous handmade jewelry that never fails to receive compliments and that you feel good about buying, and even better about wearing!"

-Tina E.

"Revive Jewelry is not only unique and beautiful, but such a special company. I love that they give back and a portion of my purchase went towards research for the diseases that have impacted my family. My grandmother loved her breast cancer necklace and is a symbol of her strength and resilience. I love Revive and will definitely be purchasing more for years to come!"

-Hannah V.

"Love the Make March Matter Special...Nikki did a great job creating hanging earrings for me...She was very professional and prompt with my order...Glad to get something pretty and CHLA is getting something too!!!"

-Tracy S.

"Delivery was prompt. The two pieces I bought for my wife were gorgeous and meaningful. I will return for more great gifts. Great stuff!"

-Jimmy Z.