Social Responsibility

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Revive Jewelry is committed to social responsibility. Our concepts and values go hand-in-hand with being conscious of our society and the role we play within it. We are all in this together. Although we are a small company, we believe making a difference can start with even a small gesture. These are some of the ways we implement social responsibility daily:

  • Giving 10% of gross profit to disease research for every piece we sell.
  • Encouraging hope and comfort in a community of survivors and their loved ones through advocacy, donation, and participation.
  • Practicing ethics in sourcing materials and integrity in our business dealings.
  • Commitment to paying fair wages to our employees & ensuring a safe work place.
  • Creating a respectful work environment free of harassment, inequality and insensitivity.
  • Volunteering with organizations such as Children's Hospital Los Angeles and NextStep.
  • Using as many recycled materials and creating the least amount of waste as possible.
  • Conserving energy whenever possible.