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Gold Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace
Silver Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace
Gold and Silver Jewelry for Breast Cancer
Nikki wearing two lengths of Butterfly Necklace in gold and silver

Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace

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The butterfly necklace is for women who want to remember their beauty and strength, not just wear a pretty necklace. The butterfly symbolizes so many things; beauty, metamorphosis, emerging with vibrance. But this butterfly is extra special because it symbolizes all of that and so much more...

Based on a cell image of breast cancer, I found beauty in an unsuspected place and used it to create this pendant to help you take your power back & provoke positive change. 10% of every purchase is donated to BCRF to support research for a cure, advance treatments and early detection techniques. 

I used this image to create the Butterfly pendant. Can you see where it comes from?

Breast Cancer Cell image

The butterfly represents your inner metamorphosis, changing into the beautiful woman you’ve become through your struggles. Whether you experienced your own battle or supported a loved one’s fight, this pendant is a symbol of your strength that emerges from the process as a beautiful butterfly, transformed into a new woman. 

The butterfly reminds you to stay strong, so you’ll fight with grace and vibrance. Or to remind you of the beautiful spirits who’ve flown from our earth, and keep the good times you shared top of mind. To read more about my inspiration, click here.

Revive jewelry is more than just jewelry; it’s hope, strength, awareness, charity and cures. 


  • Available in 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver
  • Adjustable 16-18” chain
  • Pendant measures: 1” x 1/2”
  • Handmade in Redondo Beach, CA 
Revive works with Breast Cancer Research foundation to help support research at medical institutions across the globe conducting the most advanced and promising breast cancer research that will help lead to prevention and a cure. For more about BCRF, click here.