New Alzheimer's Jewelry Inspiration

New Alzheimer's Jewelry Inspiration

Wow, here we are in a whole new month, which means we've got a new charity & cause to focus on. This month is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness month, so I've created new jewelry for you to honor your loved ones and I'd like to tell you about my inspiration for creating this special new design.

If you've been following me for a while you may have read my blog about my grandparents who passed away from Alzheimer's. They were the inspiration for this collection when I started my company, but I really have to say that I've met so many of you who have also been affected by Alzheimer's that it's made me think about how we can do more together.

June Charity Partner

Before I reveal the brand new style, I want to share a little bit about our charity partner for the month- Cure Alzheimer's Fund. We're teaming up to spread awareness and raise money to find a cure for this terrible disease. Please check out the Cure Alzheimer's Fund website where you'll find tons of information, helpful materials & support for caregivers.

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Alzheimer's jewelry pin

My favorite thing about Cure Alzheimer's Fund is that 100% of every dollar they receive goes right back to their programs because all of their operational costs are paid by the generous board of directors. When you buy a piece from the Support Alzheimer's Collection, you know that your dollars are helping fund research so we can better understand this disease and fight for a cure.

Design Inspiration

As a Change Maker, I'm sure you're familiar with my design process, but if not, here's a quick video to show you how I make the resin pendants.

Behind the Scenes- Design Process from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.

So, here's the image I use to make the Alzheimer's jewelry collection. I love the beautiful baby blues mixed with the vibrant lime greens. The bright colors make you smile and help you remember all the good times with your loved ones. 

Alzheimer's histology slide

You may have noticed that hoop earrings have been a pretty hot jewelry trend lately. In my opinion, hoop earrings are always a staple in any lady's jewelry box. There's so many choices out there, but these hoops are pretty special & I'll show you why.

Introducing the Power Hoop Earrings for Alzheimer's Awareness & Research

power hoop earrings for Alzheimer's awareness and research

These hoops are for women who want to be stylish and support their favorite cause at the same time. You don’t have to wear an awareness ribbon to show your support and you can be fashionable, too. Wearing these large hoops makes you feel powerful, like you can take on the world.

The Power Hoops feature a 2” diameter sterling silver wire hoop and a round pendant with the hand cut Alzheimer's cell image in resin. Remember that everything is cyclical. The world keeps on turning, the days keep passing, no matter what we’re going through. When it’s hard to find the strength to keep going, these earrings will remind you of the cause that’s worth fighting for and empower you to keep going.

Power hoop earrings for Alzheimer's

For every pair of Power Hoops you buy, 10% is donated to Cure Alzheimer's Fund so they can continue doing the hard work battling this disease on the front lines through research, awareness, prevention and support. 

Consider purchasing a pair today to help create a better tomorrow for mankind.

hoop earrings for Alzheimer's awareness displayed in hand

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