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New Lymphoma Jewelry Inspiration

Is it just me, or are these months flying by?! It’s August & you know what that means- it’s time for a new Cause of the Month. This month we’ll be highlighting Lymphoma Awareness with a new jewelry release, charity partner spotlight & an Instagram Interview!

The new design will launch Tuesday 8/11, so I’d like to tell you about my inspiration and thought process behind this colorful design. Keep reading to the end for a surprise about the release!

I've met so many of you who have been affected by Lymphoma that it's made me think about how we can do more together.


Before I reveal the brand new style, I want to share a little bit about our charity partner for the month- Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF). We're teaming up to spread awareness and raise money to find a cure for this terrible disease. Please check out the Lymphoma Research Foundation website where you'll find tons of information, helpful materials & support for patients and their families.


Lymphoma awareness jewelry necklace that gives back to charity and research

My favorite thing about LRF is that they are the largest organization in the nation dedicated solely to research for Lymphoma. They are a leader in patient support as the go-to source for reliable information on all types of lymphoma. When you buy a piece from the Support Lymphoma Research Collection, you know that your dollars are helping fund research for a cure while doing the most to help patients too.


Just like my other designs, this one starts with a cell image or histology slide. Here’s the image I use to make the Lymphoma jewelry collection. I love the vibrant yellow and purple. They are complimentary colors, which means they pop when you put them next to each other. The bright colors remind you to focus on the good times and remember your loved ones fondly.

lymphoma histology slide

You may have noticed that ombré has been on trend for a while now. I purchased some exquisite purple amethyst and kunzite stones at the Tucson gem show in February, knowing I wanted to use them for this design. A dark to light around the collar bone seemed like the perfect incorporation.

The pendant is so bright on it's own, I added a chain tassel with stones at the end to draw the eye downward. With a large smooth purple amethyst as the center piece, surrounded by more round faceted dark purple amethyst and light purple kunzite to create variation and movement. I added a little yellow with the small Citrine teardrop stones to tie it all together.

Amethyst is a stone that is best known for preventing drunkenness, but it also has a very protective nature. It's the birthstone for February & the 6th wedding anniversary stone. Kunzite is a stone of emotion, connecting the mind to the heart and encouraging communication between the two. Finally, sunny citrine is a stone of optimism, overcoming fears and is great for blood circulation & detoxification.

There’s no doubt that this is a special necklace but I’m going show you why it’s extra special.


model wearing lymphoma awareness necklace

The Collect Hope Necklace for Lymphoma Awareness is for women who want to band together to raise much needed funds for Lymphoma research. Just like all the different semi-precious stones in this style come together to make a lovely complimentary design, so will you & your community of warriors in the fight for a cure.

This necklace features an adjustable 16-18 inch sterling silver or 14k gold filled chain. I take great care to pick out the perfect shades of Purple Kunzite and Amethyst stones to create an ombré effect at the base of the pendant. The round yellow & purple pendant is a hand cut photo of a Lymphoma cell under resin. A chain tassel with faceted Kunzite, Amethyst & Citrine stones that will move as you wear it, finishes off the necklace.

You don’t have to wear an awareness ribbon to show your support and you can be fashionable, too. 

For each Collect Hope Necklace you buy, 10% of gross profit is donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Your donation helps accelerate research for a cure & fund patient support programs.

Because you're reading this blog, you can Pre-Order your necklace today! Help create a better future & look fabulous while you do it. Click below to shop now.

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