Charity Partner Spotlight: American Heart Association-Revive Jewelry gives back to heart disease cause

Charity Partner Spotlight: American Heart Association

All month long, we’ve been working hard to raise money and awareness for heart disease. In my last post, I highlighted some important things to remember that might put someone at risk for heart disease as well as things we can all do to prevent heart disease. Now that we’ve all taken some time to reflect on how it can affect a person’s body, I want to turn your attention to our charity partner for this month: the American Heart Association.

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American Heart Association charity partner spotlight how Revive Jewelry gives back to fight heart disease

The American Heart Association

Since 1924, this organization has brought together medical professionals, scientists, and volunteers to find out more about this deadly illness that affects so many people each year. The organization works tirelessly each year to educate people about improving heart health and also learns more about how to reduce deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Research funding from the AHA has led to groundbreaking discoveries like the first use of an external defibrillator to successfully return an unsteady human heart back to a steady rhythm. Their funding also helped develop full implanted pacemakers and artificial heart valve replacements. Their continued efforts have even supported two Nobel Prize winning scientists whose work focuses on the function of the heart!

anatomical heart on open textbook big goals american heart association

Big Goals

One of the reasons that I’m so inspired by the AHA is that they continue to dedicate themselves to lifesaving research through outreach efforts. In 2010, they announced a ten year goal to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% while reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20%. As a major part of their fundraising efforts, the AHA hosts events all over the country dedicated to showing their support to people affected by the disease. From luncheons to walks, so many people are joining hands with the AHA to raise money for pioneering research and a better quality of life.

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Get Involved

Anyone can join one of the AHA’s awesome events. By searching with your zip code on their website, you can find an AHA fundraising event near you. Or, you can join one of their established communities focused on promoting heart health through exercise. For example, lead a fundraiser with their CycleNation, which comes together to bike ride toward better brain and heart health while raising money for stroke and heart disease research. If they don’t have an event in your town, don’t worry, you can also join their 2021 Virtual Heart Walk! You can participate in this walk wherever you are to help raise funds for health conscious science.

revive's mission american heart association

Join Revive's Mission to Combat Heart Disease

Since I started Revive Jewelry, supporting research about heart disease has always been important to me. I started by creating a pair of stud earrings featuring a hand cut image of a cell affected by the deadly illness set in resin. Every Change Maker that has purchased a pair of these earrings has been a huge support to the cause. Together, we’ve raised over $130 for the AHA. That’s a huge help to everything they do to support millions of people throughout the United States! We can’t stop here!

This month, let’s continue to do what we can to support the American Heart Association. Not only is it important to take individual steps to protect your body against the threat of heart disease, it’s also important to support this outstanding organization that’s raising money for scientific research that’s pioneering better treatment, prevention and a cure for this disease. Consider showing your support for the American Heart Association with a purchase from the Support Heart Disease Research Collection.

Support Heart disease collection

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