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Risk Factors and Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

This month we’re partnering with the American Heart Association to raise money and awareness for heart disease, so I want to discuss the risks and ways to prevent heart disease. After you read these facts, take a look at the brand new heart shaped necklace for heart disease, The Heart Pocket Necklace. By purchasing one of these gorgeous necklaces, a portion of funds goes directly to supporting the American Heart Association. Every day that you wear your necklace, you raise awareness for this important cause and honor those we've lost to this disease.

Heart Shaped Necklace for heart disease research

Heart Disease Facts

Heart disease facts with anatomical heart

Did you know that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States? Every 37 seconds, someone dies from cardiovascular disease. Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack. About 1 in 4 people in the United States dies from heart disease each year. Worse yet, approximately 18 million adults who are 20 years of age or older have coronary artery disease. These numbers are so high! That’s why it’s so important to take healthy measures to protect yourself against its risk factors.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for heart disease

Some of the key risks for heart disease include high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Other medical and lifestyle choices can also impose a high risk of heart disease like smoking, excessive alcohol use, an unhealthy diet, or physical inactivity. Don’t forget that even if you don’t smoke, living with someone who smokes regularly can also create a high risk of heart disease in your body. Other risk factors include your age, so men over the age of 45 and women over the age of 55 face a higher risk. Also, diabetes creates a higher risk of heart disease in women.

What Causes Heart Disease?

What Causes heart disease?

Heart disease happens when plaque builds up in a person’s arteries. The insides of their arteries begin to narrow and eventually lessen or completely block the flow of blood from the heart to the rest of their body. If a blood clot forms on the plaque in their arteries, it can rupture or also block the flow of blood. These are really scary circumstances, so it’s important to take healthy steps to keep your heart and body in good condition.

Tips For Heart Health

Tips for heart health

Thankfully, there are a bunch of different things you can do to keep your heart healthy!

  • First of all, eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to limit saturated fats, sodium, and added sugars from your daily diet.
  • Make sure you exercise regularly to strengthen your heart and improve your circulation.
  • Don’t smoke, and limit alcohol consumption, both of which help reduce your blood pressure.
  • Another thing that a lot of people don’t get enough of that’s particularly important for their health is sleep! Try your best to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night so that your body can regulate all of its cycles and keep you in your best shape.  
  • Especially for women, remember to get tested for diabetes, or keep it under control. Over time, high blood sugar from diabetes can damage your blood vessels and the nerves that control them. By managing your diabetes, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Considering that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, everyone should be sure to implement healthy changes in their lifestyle to lower their risk. It’s still early in the year, so it’s a perfect time to make significant changes if you need to! Or, connect with the people around you to help inspire and motivate each other to eat better and work out together.

How do you stay heart healthy? Let me know in the comments!

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