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8 Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you like me & looking for a Mother's Day gift this year that won't break the bank? With all the craziness and uncertainty that's going on in the world today, we're all feeling a bit anxious about the future which usually means holding tight to our wallets! But, there's still going to be a Mother's Day & I know we can all agree, your mom deserves a special gift. How can you make her day special without spending a lot? I've got you covered! Here's 8 budget friendly gifts for mom that you can be proud to give.

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8 budget friendly mother's day gift ideas that won't break the bank, DIY or very affordable gifts

1. Love Book

I love mom love book

This book is personalized by you to tell your mom (or any other loved one!) how much you love them. There are hundreds of customization options for every page, so you can put in all the little details about your mom, your family, and the wonderful reasons why you love your mom into the perfect book. This book can be purchased for under 50 dollars and will last a lifetime. Why not bring a tear to your mom’s eye with a personalized reminder of why you love her this Mother’s Day?



2. DIY Jar of Love 

diy mother's day love jar

If the Love Book's not budget friendly enough, you can make a DIY Jar of Love that accomplishes the same thing! Simply write down all the reasons why you love your mom and put them in a decorated mason jar for your mom to enjoy over the year. Mothers work hard to make sure we’re loved and cared for, so why not give back a little with lots of reminders that you’ll always love her too?

**click on the photo for step by step instructions**


3. DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub 

Diy lavendar scrub in jar with cute tag from joyfully growing blog

You’ll probably have most of these ingredients for this DIY scrub at home, making this a great budget friendly Mother’s Day gift. Pamper your mom with scents of lavender, or experiment with whatever essential oils you have laying around! This sugar scrub will certainly have your mom feeling relaxed and pampered after a long day. 

**click on the photo for step by step instructions**


4. DIY Cinnamon Candle 

DIY cinnamon spice candle

Why not spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with a homemade candle? This candle  recipe will have her home smelling warm and sweet, just like her! And she’s sure to appreciate it so much more knowing that it was made by you.

**click on the photo for step by step instructions**


5. Spa in a Jar 

Spa in a Jar mother's day DIY gift

Treat your mom this Mother’s Day with this Spa in a Jar gift. Simply pick out some small gifts like nail polish and face masks and put them inside a mason jar. Decorate it to give it a homey feel and this budget friendly Mother’s Day gift will be complete!

**click on the photo for step by step instructions**



6. DIY Handprint Bowl 

hand shaped bowl gift

This DIY gift is perfect for mothers or grandmothers who have little kids around. Using only a few ingredients, you make this bowl out of the shape of your child’s hand. It’s a great way to memorialize a child’s age since moms know all too well that kids grow up way too fast! You can use this bowl to hold earrings, rings, keys, or other small objects. This Mother’s Day gift will be something moms cherish forever.

**click on the photo for step by step instructions**



7. Revive Jewelry Stud Earrings 

stud earrings from Revive Jewelry available in 16 causes

Here at Revive Jewelry, we have some beautiful pieces that are perfect for Mother’s Day and won’t empty your wallet. Check out some stud earrings like these stunning pink studs I created for breast cancer awareness and research. If you have a specific charity in mind you’d like to support in honor of your mom, make sure to browse the rest of our stud earrings and the charities each one supports, by clicking here. These are by far the easiest gift to buy for someone because they go with everything. Not only will your mother look great, but you’ll also be helping fund a charitable cause! 



8. Revive Jewelry Embrace Necklace 

embrace necklace and matching earrings for alzheimer's research

Another great option available here at Revive Jewelry, is our Embrace Necklace. This particular necklace supports Alzheimer's research, but can be ordered in any of our 16 causes, so supporting the cause of your choice is easy. You can make your mother feel extra special this Mother’s Day with a meaningful gift that includes a donation to a cause that’s important to her.

If you want to make her feel extra special by getting her the matching embrace earrings, you can find them by clicking here.

Bonus: More Gift Options!

three necklaces to fund multiple sclerosis research and breast cancer research

These are some really great DIY and affordable gifts. But, if you're interested in some other gift ideas, I have a full selection of gift items under $150 that you can shop by clicking here.


Let’s make our mothers feel extra special this Mother’s Day, especially with how crazy the world seems right now. How will you let your mother know you cherish her this Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you! Take care of yourselves during these times and have a happy Mother’s Day!

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