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5 Ways To Create A Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

Here we are halfway through 2019, can you believe it?! How has the year gone for you?

So far, I’ve done a lot of inward work, focusing on personal growth. It sounds like a large undertaking, but honestly, it’s been an easy adjustment. Because the benefits have been so immediate that I actually want to continue doing the work.

I set out this year to become a mental and spiritual warrior.  A zen master of sorts. Now, I’m not sure I’m quite at warrior status yet, but I’m working my way there by going to the spiritual gym every day. We’ll talk about this idea more later.

nikki meditating in her garden

That's me, meditating in my garden. Thanks to my husband for getting this pic.

What’s kept me going strong throughout the year? I’m constantly strengthening my habits, researching new ways to get even more into my spirituality and adding depth to my current practices.

It’s such a wonderful and life changing experience that I want to share it with all of you, so you too can become spiritual warriors of awesomeness and bask in the happiness and fulfillment a life of awesome will give you.

So, I’ve compiled a little list of 5 ways you can get started today on your road to becoming a mental and spiritual warrior.

1. Meditation-

woman meditating

This is very important. Give yourself at least 5 minutes a day to slow down and really focus on the current moment.

When our minds are racing around all day, full of thoughts, there’s just so much noise. Every thought we have puts us either in the past or the future. Very rarely are we thinking in the current moment. When’s the last time you thought about the breath you’re taking, how it fills your lungs and helps your body function? This is the moment we are existing in but we give it very little thought.

Taking the time to focus on your breath and quiet the mind, lets you realize really amazing things. I’ve had some serious personal breakthroughs because of meditation. Not to mention that it acts like a restart button for my brain and melts stress right out of me.

I like to meditate at the end of the day. It takes longer for my brain to shut off, but it’s really helpful to reset my mind for home and family time after all the stresses of the day. I swear by it now. Give it a try and see what happens.

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5 ways to create a healthy mind, body and spirit that you can start doing today

2. Gratitude Expression-

Wake up every morning and announce to the world what you’re grateful for at this very moment. Think about more things through out the day. End the night by thinking about all the awesome stuff that happened today.

You can even get a journal to write down a few of these things each day. Use it as a place to keep yourself jazzed up about your life. It’ll put things into perspective and you’ll realize how much you really do have to be grateful for.

The things you’re grateful for don’t have to be major either. They can be as simple as making it to the carwash, or there was no line at the coffee shop. Some days I’m grateful for blankets, because I’m always so cold & without them, I’d be like an icicle. Try not to over think it. This is just for you and no one else even has to know about it.

man writing in a journal

3. Mantras-

Come up with 3 mantras for yourself. These should motivate, focus or calm you. You want to create your mantras in the present tense, because it’s what’s happening now- they are truth. Pick ones that you can use to calm feelings or encourage dreams you have every day.

An example of a mantra for someone who is struggling with being overwhelmed at work could be, “I am organized and capable. All of my work gets done on time and to the best of my ability every time.” Calm those fears and relieve that stress, Kemosabe.

Once you decide on your mantras, write them down somewhere you’ll see them a lot. I like to begin my day by writing my mantras in my journal and saying them to myself out loud. But, whenever I feel like I need or want to, I also repeat them in my mind.

Use your mantras as your super secret spiritual warrior weapon. Bust them out whenever you need. Ain’t nobody gonna get you down when you’re always thinking, “I’m a winner and I’ve got this!”

4. Essential Oils & Aromatherapy-

aromatherapy oil being poured into diffuser

This is a relatively new one for me. I recently bought an essential oil blend from a friend of mine. I don’t have much experience here, but I absolutely love the feeling I get when I apply it.

I’ve always been aware of that nostalgic feeling you get when a smell suddenly floods your mind with memories of a lost relative or place you haven’t been in years. The reaction is tactile, and the feeling is usually joyful (for me anyway).

Scents stimulate the olfactory system and provoke a response from the body. This can cause you to relax, heal or rejuvenate. You can either inhale the scents or apply them as a topical oil.

You can do what I do and check out google & play around on your own. Or, if you really wanna get into it, consult an aromatherapist. A professional is probably the best route if you’re looking for holistic healing.

5. Yoga/Pilates-

women doing yoga on the beach

It’s pretty widely accepted that exercise is good for your health, but we usually only talk about the physical benefits. For me, exercise has always been a mental thing. I need to exercise to keep myself balanced and feeling sane.

A lot of people recommend yoga, but I could just never get into it. (I’m giving it another try now, but more for a morning stretching routine). But, I do love pilates- I mean who doesn’t like a workout where you’re laying down?

Pilates is awesome from a purely physical perspective. By far my favorite part though is the amazing mind-body connection that truly centers me. The challenging part of each movement is focusing on your alignment and making sure you’re flowing through the exercise. It forces you to tune in to how every part of your body and its position affects one another.

But, it’s usually at the end of class, after you’ve spent an hour connecting and moving all the parts of your body as one, that you have a moment of quiet to reflect and connect to your inner self. It’s this moment that makes me feel complete and full again. Charged up for my day, my soul refilled and emotionally reset.

So what do you think, will you give some of these a try?

I’m always happy to hear that my advice is helpful. Let me know if they work for you by leaving a comment.


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