New Jewelry for Lung Cancer Research-Revive Jewelry

New Jewelry for Lung Cancer Research

November is almost here and I’m so excited to share my new design with you, Change Makers! Before I tell you more about this new pendant, I want to take some time to reflect on my friends and family. I feel so lucky to have such incredibly supportive people in my life. One person in particular, my grandpa Mike, was like a father to me. I felt absolutely devastated when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within a month. Even though he faced such a huge difficulty in his life, he always inspired me with his strength. I still feel that he cares for me and looks out for me in everything that I do.

Nikki and Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carolyn at Nikki's College Graduation from CSUF

What about you, Change Maker? Do you have someone in your life who’s always been there for you? Who is your guardian angel?

Since November is lung cancer awareness month, I thought about ways that I could support research for this disease. Thinking about how much stronger I am thanks to the people in my life, I wanted to create a design for lung cancer jewelry that would represent love and resilience. 

My new design, which will be available starting from 11/1, draws its name from the people who are always there for us. The new Guardian Angel for Lung Cancer Research is a pendant to help remember our loved ones and the strength we build together.

Are you ready for the reveal??

Nikki wearing a silver and gold guardian angel necklace in 16 inch and 18 inch lengths

I'm wearing the gold ($105) in a 16" length & the silver ($88) in a 18" length. Each necklace is adjustable 16-18". The pendant is 5/8" x 1 1/8".

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My main inspiration for this guardian angel necklace comes from thinking about how this disease affects people and their families. I decided to take a closer look at lung cancer cells and found a portion that takes the shape of an angel. Instantly, this spoke volumes to me. What’s more important in our lives than family? Especially when we’re faced with the challenge of overcoming hardships, our families, friends, and communities remind us of our own power.

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lung cancer awareness jewelry guardian angel pendant necklace based on histology slides that gives back to research


Our guardian angels are people who inspire us to keep persevering in all of life’s struggles. They show us that we are truly able to flourish no matter what the circumstances. Most importantly, a part of them is always with us, no matter where we are.

This angel-shaped pendant is not only a way to feel beautiful but also a symbol of the people who protect us, guide us, and help us embrace our own thriving spirit. It’s about showing the tenacity and courage that you gain from the people who will always be with you.

Here's a behind the scenes look at how I found the Guardian Angel in a lung cancer cell image:

Guardian Angel Pendant Behind The Scenes from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.


For the sale of each guardian angel necklace, 10% goes to the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. They’re the world’s leading organization dedicated to building access to life-saving lung cancer screenings and treatment, supporting patients in all walks of life, and raising awareness about the disease. Your purchase would make a huge impact in supporting services for this community and their survivorship. 

This necklace is more than just jewelry: it's hope, strength, awareness, charity & cures.

November is just around the corner, but it’s never too early or too soon to give thanks to the people who carry you through every journey in life. Reserve your Guardian Angel for Lung Cancer Research necklace today. Show your support for those affected by the disease and directly contribute to lung cancer research and awareness.

Guardian Angel Necklace in Silver and Gold on white table
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