Fertility Jewelry: How to Find Inspiration on the Journey-Revive Jewelry

Fertility Jewelry: How to Find Inspiration on the Journey

Last week I forced myself to be vulnerable by sharing my fertility journey with you. This is a deeply personal story that I've only shared with some family & very close friends. But, as I've been going through this, I realized this is more common than we think and the effects can be really devastating. 

It's time for me to share my story in hopes that other women won't feel the same as me. 

Unite to Help Womankind

I'm finally ready to put my fear aside to try and help other women feel like they're not alone. 1 in 8 couples will have trouble conceiving. My husband & I are one of those couples- maybe you are too. 

Nikki with husband Rob

I feel extremely lucky & blessed that I have the opportunity to pursue these treatments, because they can be very costly. My heart goes out to anyone who wants to have a family & is being held back by the financial aspect. 

For the past 2 years, I've been struggling with unexplained infertility. I just finished my first round of IVF and am waiting to do a transfer once all this Covid stuff settles down. 

As I’ve gone through this journey, I’ve met a lot of women in the same infertility boat. Although everyone's journey is very different, we usually still have a lot in common. Most of us are desperate for hope on this seemingly endless mission for a baby which makes you feel constantly disappointed and sad. Not to mention the frustration about how your body doesn’t work right and how everyone else around you can seemingly have no issue getting pregnant— it's just not fair.

As a serial optimist, I was having trouble keeping up my positivity. It’s really easy to go to a dark place through this. Searching for answers & the key to getting pregnant to end my suffering, I turned to acupuncture for help. 

It was actually my acupuncturist who suggested I create a fertility piece for my collection. This was one of those palm-to-face moments when you wonder why you didn’t think of it first!

She was right. I needed to use my charitable jewelry to spread positivity, raise awareness for infertility and money to help other women going through the same trials. Starting conversations & talking about how common this is for couples will help break down negative stigmas.

Taking Action

revive jewelry and baby quest partner couples suffering from infertility or celebrating just having a baby after infertility

So, I created the Fertile Soul Necklace to help you find more hope in your journey. And to raise money to help other women suffering from infertility, but lacking the funds or insurance coverage to pursue treatments. For every necklace you buy, 10% of profit is donated to Baby Quest to help fund their grant programs.

Baby Quest Foundation provides financial assistance through fertility grants to those who cannot afford the high costs of procedures such as IVF (in vitro fertilization), gestational surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, egg freezing, and embryo donation. They award the grants to many different types of couples too! 

gem stones and paint splatter blog break

Introducing the Fertile Soul Fertility Necklace 

Fertile soul fertility necklace with a photo of early human embryo becoming the pendant


Image Credit, click here.

Fertile Soul Symbolism

The overall shape of the pendant is symbolic of the embryo taking root in the womb. It reminds you of your natural feminine ability and the beauty in creating life.

Accented by 3 sizes of reflective moonstone to enhance fertility. These stones give off blue flashes when the light catches them. The pendant is made of a sterling silver circular outline with a smaller round pendant containing a resin covered image of an early embryo.

Nikki wearing the fertile soul necklace for infertility

Keep Your Faith 

On our fertility journey, we often envision this image of an embryo in our minds when we hope to be pregnant. This necklace is a physical reminder you can actually reach up and touch when you need strength or faith.

Every embryo represents hope, permanently part of your heart, and whether it takes root or not, this necklace will help you remember and preserve that hope. Deep within your soul each embryo’s memory is preserved. Keep your faith, maintain your optimism, and believe that it is possible to get pregnant.

Get Yours Now

fertility jewelry with moonstone and early human embryo image pendant necklace

The official launch date for these necklaces is Sunday 4/19/20, but because your part of my Change Maker Community, you have early access by clicking here. 

Get your necklace now, so you can stop feeling hopeless and depressed, and instead have a renewed sense of positivity about your journey, feed your fertile soul and help other would-be moms do the same.

I’m so excited to feature this very personal cause & I hope you’ll considering purchasing to help fund more Baby Quest grants to spread the fertility love around!

gems and paint splatter blog break

 Pin it for later!

Pin the Fertile Soul Necklace to enhance fertility

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