New Collection: Where I Find Inspiration-Revive Jewelry

New Collection: Where I Find Inspiration

I always get asked how I come up with my designs. Maybe you've wondered how the images inspire me or how I incorporate them into my pieces. I'll be launching a new mini collection of limited edition jewelry pieces on Sunday 8/4 at the LIVE Facebook Sale. These new designs are a little different than what I've done traditionally, so I want to tell you about their unique inspiration.

I'm always searching for new images. Recently, I came across these really amazing photos of liver disease online. Their lines and shapes create excitement in my brain. When I look at the cell images, I’m automatically drawn to certain areas. I start pulling out shapes & outlining interesting portions that I want to create jewelry designs with. It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re staring at a magic eye photo. They’re always colorful and hypnotic. They draw you in and you just can’t stop staring. Cellular images are my adult version of magic eye.

cell image of liver disease

Photo credit: By Nephron - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Only I could never manage to see the “magic image”. Never. Not once. Not one single time have I ever found the hidden image. So, maybe that’s why I decided to make my own version of a magic eye. But instead of searching for hidden things within the photo just for fun, I take the most interesting portions and make them into beautiful jewelry that gives back to help people.

Not only are these cell images organically shaped masterpieces of nature, they’re also brightly colored. To the untrained eye they even look happy. Free flowing shapes in a pool of vibrant colors evoking a beauty only found in the smallest nearly invisible facets of life- the cell. It’s absolutely mind blowing.


pink opal silver ring for liver disease

Now, my challenge is always how to make the cell structure stand out and maintain its beauty as part of an overall jewelry design. Up until now, I believed it had to be the center piece. The focal point. But why can’t it also play a supporting role? Especially if you lead with a gorgeous reflective moonstone or perfectly pink opal; whose beauty is also rare and hard to find. Whose flaws are embraced and celebrated for their beauty. Whose very existence comes from dirt and pressure; minerals combined to perfection to create such a wonderful happenstance that is a gem stone. How are these not the same?

moonstone and silver chain necklace for liver disease

So, for this new collection I was inspired by both the cells and the gorgeous stones I found and carefully hand selected from my best source. He’s a man whose been in the industry for over 40 years. His stones come from reputable factories and the quality is always amazing. I visited him about a month ago at his California warehouse. I took a whole day going through everything, carefully selecting only the best quality jewels. It’s so difficult to be surrounded by shiny, sparkly things and stay focused. But somehow, I did it. And I got some of the most beautiful stones.

Up until this point I thought my line should be reproducible. That every piece should always be available. But, maybe that’s not how it should be. I’m going to go with my gut here and try this new thing. What do you say Change Maker? Do you think it’s gonna be as awesome as I do?

I can’t wait to share my new limited edition pieces I’ve made with these unique stones, and I’m especially excited to hear what you think!

Do you wanna get the first glimpse before anyone else?

I’m running a special event on Facebook LIVE on 8/4 @11 am PST. Attend the virtual sale to get great deals on Revive (up to 40% off) and buy the new limited edition pieces before they’re even up online (if they make it there)!

Click here for more information & to RSVP for the event.

invitation to revive summer sale and limited edition release party

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