Details About Nikki's Maternity Leave

Details About Nikki's Maternity Leave

I'm having a baby!! Which is SO exciting for so many reasons, not least of which is all the fertility issues my husband and I dealt with. I can't wait to welcome this beautiful baby boy into the world, but it means a lot of adjustments and definitely taking some time off. So what does that mean for You + Revive Jewelry? Let's talk about it!

Read 'til the end for some maternity photos!

I mentioned that getting to this point was a long road. You can read all about my fertility journey in this blog post. But this story has a happy ending, because my husband, Rob, and I are about to be Mommy & Daddy!

It's an emotional and stressful time. Between preparing for birth and a newborn to getting Revive set up for my maternity leave, I've definitely been feeling overwhelmed. So I wanted to lay out what's going to happen while I'm gone, what to expect from me realistically during this time, and when I plan to return.

Our Baby Announcement

Nikki & Rob announcing the birth of their son

Baby boy Z (name to be announced after his birth😉) is due on March 28th, but we all know how reliable due dates are! Once he gets here, I'm planning to be on maternity leave until September, with limited access to emails and potentially working small amounts of time here and there after May. But don't worry, I think I've set everything up to run smoothly!

How will you process orders on maternity leave?

Most importantly, let's talk about orders while I'm gone. I'm a one woman show, but thank god, I have my mom close and she's agreed to help me out! So, she will be coming over to process and ship orders 3 times per week. This means that orders will be processed a little bit slower than normal, but they will still ship within 3-5 business days from when the order is placed. 

From the end of March until beginning of September orders will ship on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. This should only affect you if you need an item quickly. If that is the case, please leave a Note in the cart when you place your order and be sure to choose the correct shipping method at check out. I appreciate your understanding and patience with this!

How will you make custom items or create more stock while you're gone?

The short answer to this question is that I won't really. But the real answer is that I can do it, it will just take longer than usual. I'm going to try out the whole "not working at all" thing and see how I feel. I've tried to create enough stock and limit the amount of items available online to only those in stock to last the 5 months. But it's so hard to predict this stuff. So, please know I'm doing my best, and keeping my customers happy is my number one goal. If you really need something asap, contact me here & I'll get back to you- just please remember that I just had a baby when it isn't as fast as you'd like.

Me & the baby at Thanksgiving

Nikki's baby bump at Thanksgiving

What about social media & email?

Thanks to modern technology I'm able to schedule out social media and emails as well as these good ol' blog posts! So, you'll still see posts on Instagram & Facebook, but I've taken the frequency of posts down to 3-4 times per week, because who could sit down and plan a post per day for 5 months? Definitely not me lol.

Now's a great time to follow me on your favorite platform so you get all the baby updates & you know right away when I'm back and things are running at full steam again.

I'm doing my best with fresh pins on Pinterest as well, so if you're a Pinner click this link to follow me there too! Quickly becoming my favorite platform, by the way, especially for mom stuff.

You'll still see me in your inbox twice a week, but I will be slower to respond to any replies or emails coming in to me. New, exciting and helpful blogs will be posted about twice month. Please read them because I spent a lot of time prepping these!

Our Family Christmas Photo

Rob & Nikki with baby bump at Christmas

What if I have a jewelry emergency? How can I get in touch?

I hope you sense the irony of a jewelry emergency... but if you really need to get in touch you can call 310.844.1958 which I will try to pick up when possible or leave a message and I'll call back when I can. The other way is to email, which I'll be monitoring when I can. Please just have patience with me.

To recap, the biggest changes you'll see while I'm gone:

  • Orders will ship out 3 times per week- Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Please allow extra processing time for orders & be kind to my mom who will be helping me out😊
  • Less social media posts
  • Slower response times on emails & phone calls
  • Less customization & items available online

I appreciate you and your patience while I settle into motherhood. I'm not sure what the rest of the year will hold, but I will be returning to work following Labor Day weekend, September 7th, 2021. I'm planning to work part time and see how that goes. I welcome any new mom tips or tricks, working mom advice and how to run a company and raise kids- leave your wisdom for me in the comments!

And now, as promised- Maternity Photos!

nikki and baby z maternity photo
nikki and baby z maternity photo full length
nikki and baby z maternity photo crop

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