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How To Travel With Jewelry

It’s summertime and everyone’s taking vacations, so let’s talk about some tips to travel with your jewelry- because it can be tricky!

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nikki with travel jewelry case

I have a few different ways I like to pack my jewelry. First, let’s talk about the easiest way- ziplock bags. I like to reuse the bags that come with shirts- ya know the ones that hold the extra buttons? I use these small bags for studs and some dangly earrings.


jewelry and bags laid out on table


If you have some extra dangly earrings and you don’t want to get them tangled up, I have a trick for that! You can just slide them in the bag and then close the bag on the ear wire. It might be a little tricky to get them in there, but once you do, they’ll stay secure and you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled or damaged.


ear wires in ziplock top close up


For chain necklaces, you can use the same trick. This works especially well with dainty chains. You just drop the necklace into the bag, feed the chain through the zipper part and zip it right into the bag, just like the photo. The clasp will hang out of the top and the rest of the necklace will be in the bottom of the bag. This is guaranteed to keep your necklace from tangling in your bag. This trick works for all types of chain necklaces- short, long and layered!


chain clasp in zipper bag close up


For beaded necklaces, gently fold it, but if you feel like it has too much tension, you should just leave it flat and pack it in a larger ziplock. (Maybe that’s a piece you don’t wanna take with you on your trip). But if it folds nicely and you can tell there’s no tension, then you can put it in its own bag, sealed up tight.


beaded necklace in zipper bag


Bracelets and rings are pretty sturdy usually, so I just put them all together in one bag. If you have a chain bracelet you can use the same trick as above- just feed the clasp through the zipper and close it up.


bracelets and rings in zipper bag close up


Now you can take all the separate bags you have and put them together into one larger ziplock bag so it all stays in one place. And it’s ready to put in your luggage!

Pro Tip:

I like to carry on my jewelry. I never check my jewelry, because who knows what gonna happen & I would be devastated if it got lost. So I like to put it in my carry on, but you’re free to put it wherever you like.

stacked jewelry in zipper bags

So, this should keep it safe, not tangled and looking good when you get to your trip and when you get back too.

My preferred method for packing jewelry is a travel jewelry case. This case is from Amazon and I love it. I swear by it and bring it on every trip that I go on.

travel jewelry case

It’s got all sorts of different compartments. There’s a zipper pocket on the side where you can put in some bracelets. I like to put any extras in these other pockets.

travel jewelry case opened

There’s a special holder for your earrings to keep them secure. You just take the backing off and stick them through the hole and replace the backing. I didn’t believe that they were gonna stay on the first time, but they did! What about the dangly earrings? I leave them in their bag and then I use the nifty pockets and just slide them in there. And now they’re even more protected because they’re in a leather case too.

There are holders for rings too. You just pop ‘em open, slide your rings on & then pop it back down.

jewelry travel case open to necklace section

This pocket, my favorite pocket, is for necklaces. All of the tabs at the top open up and you can put your necklaces in- short or long. You can secure your long necklaces one of two ways. Either put it in long, or you can fold it in half and put it on that way. It’s just personal preference depending on the style of the necklace. And then you just tuck in the extra chain and pendant in to the little pocket on the bottom. Then zip it back up to protect everything and they should stay tarnish free and completely safe on your trip.

Now you can close up your case and it looks like a cute little pocket book.  You're ready to throw it in your carry on and travel the world!

Got any travel tips of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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