How to Wear Colorful Jewelry: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Wear Colorful Jewelry: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you intimidated by colorful jewelry? Not sure how to wear it with your wardrobe? I know most people stick to neutrals- I’m guilty of this most of the time myself. But with summer here it’s time to embrace ALL the color.

There’s several ways to wear jewelry that pops- which is great because everyone has a different comfortability level with color & styling. I’m gonna start with the easiest tips and move into the more complex. Still not sure you can wear bright jewelry? Let me show you that’s not true!

Your ultimate guide on how to wear colorful jewelry

colorful jewelry from Revive Jewelry

For an easy look:

Neutral balance

This is by far the easiest way to style clothing around your colorful jewelry. I use this trick all the time.

Start with your outfit composed of all neutrals (remember neutrals are white, black, navy, tan, cream and brown). There are two strict rules that I follow when it comes to pairing all neutrals:

1. Black & navy NEVER go together 

2. Black & brown RARELY go together- only styling pros can pull this off.

As a general rule I like to keep cool color tones with other cool tones and warm tones with warm. For example, a brown skirt will look better with a cream top than a white top, although both would work because, voila- the power of neutrals!

neutral black and white outfit with purple and yellow jewelry that gives back to charity

Ok, now that you have your outfit its time to pick your jewels! It’s up to you how crazy you want to get. There’s a famous quote from Coco Chanel, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” It’s up to you if you want to listen to the goddess of fashion or not. 

close up of purple and yellow jewelry for lymphoma, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer awareness
I love to choose one or two colors of jewelry and add those little pops to my outfit. As you can see in this black & white look, I decided to pair it with shades of purple and a tiny bit of yellow. The Collect Hope Necklace & Swing Earrings for Lymphoma Awareness go perfectly together. To finish off the look, I added a couple easy to wear stretch Awareness Bracelets in 2 causes; Lung Cancer & Pancreatic Cancer
If you want, you can go without the bracelets. But I always like being a little extra with my jewelry, so I'll wear them both together on the same arm. Don't you love a good stack?! Plus, the bracelet stack is super on trend right now.

For everyday:


Especially with all the quarantining we’ve done this year, athleisure has become my 24/7 choice of style. I found that the best way to dress it up is to keep the accessories simple. Choose chains, long or short, with small bits of color. You can go for any type of earring- I love wearing hoops to feel a little more fancy, especially if I have my hair pulled back.

athleisure outfit with black leggins and gray tee shirt paired with teal jewelry for ovarian cancer, Alzheimer's and infertility awareness

Most athletic wear comes in neutrals, but if you’ve got colorful leggings on, you can choose some jewelry that’s the same color or opposite- check out my handy complimentary color guide below.

close up of colorful teal and blue jewelry for ovarian cancer, Alzheimer's and infertility awareness gives back to charity
For this look, I chose a pair of black leggings and a gray top. Because the look is so simple, I wanted to dress it up with these large Power Hoops. Adding a long chain necklace with a green shimmery stone and a teal stretch bracelet tie the accessories together by being in the same color range.
To finish it off, you can add a matching ring- this is the Embrace Ring for Alzheimer's & it compliments the earrings perfectly. But again, the ring is optional and you might choose to go without especially if you're doing something active.

So far, staying neutral & atheleisure’s simplicity are the easiest ways to wear colorful jewelry, but you don’t have to keep your outfits neutral. You can mix and match colors like a pro! Keep reading for my advanced tips on styling colorful outfits and accessories.

For when you want to pop:

Complimentary colors

complimentary colors chart for wearing colorful jewelry

Ok, this is where it starts to get tricky- but I know you can do it. Check out the color chart above and see what you’ve got in your wardrobe. We’re going to do a color blocked outfit.

Choose one of the colors from the chart & pair it with a neutral (remember cool with cool & warm with warm). You can put the color on top or bottom.

complimentary colors color blocked outfit with accessories for multiple sclerosis awareness that give back

For this look, I decided to go with a pretty bright orange blouse. It's super bright, but I always get compliments on it when I wear it. Now, let's pick accessories from the complimentary color- blue. Complimentary colors are actually opposite each other on the color wheel and when you put them next to each other they both stand out. Since I chose orange, I'll use all blue accessories to make sure I'm gonna POP!

close up of orange shirt with blue jewelry for multiple sclerosis awareness
In this close up photo you can see that I've gone with a couple hoop styles- very trendy right now. The Unity Hoop Earrings & Unity Necklace are an obvious pairing, but adding in the Long Embrace necklace gives it an extra layer of sophistication. The Rally Ring is the last piece you need to finish off your look- and the best thing about this ring is that it's sizable- gotta love that!
Now you’ll be eye catching in all the right ways!

For when you want to stand out:


You’re ready for the master of all challenges- matching colorful accessories with colorful prints! Once you get this, you might even find it easier than some of the other styles because the colors are already there for you…

floral dress with matching pink jewelry for breast cancer awareness

Pick out your favorite printed dress or top, or even pants (just keep it neutral elsewhere, unless you’re also a print mixing pro, then go for it!). Now, here's the secret:

Look at all the colors in the print & choose jewelry from your collection that matches one or two of the colors in the print.

When you get this right, it’s magic! Everyone will bow to you, fashionista. 

close up of pink jewelry for breast cancer that matches with colorful floral dress
For this look, I chose the light pinks to work with. You could also easily choose blue or teal too. I chose long, dangly Spike Earrings because there's a lot of skin around the neckline & it'll draw the eye upwards. This Warrior Necklace features a gorgeous pink moonstone that reflects the light as you wear it, so it will actually incorporate more light which means you'll sparkle naturally. 
This pink Awareness Bracelet has a little texture to it because of the black and gray striations of the Rhodocrosite stones, but the little butterfly pendant is so cute. I added 2 rings to this look, so it's your choice how you'd wear them. You can put both on one hand or one on each. You can even choose to only wear one, but I'm a ring girl, so I'd keep them both. The Double Ring is really simple and understated while the Radiate Hope ring is really ornate- you'll definitely get people commenting on it! 
Are you ready to mix and match colorful jewelry like a pro? Show me some of your expertly styled outfits in the comments!

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how to wear colorful jewelry to help cure disease by giving back to charity


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