New Jewelry For Breast Cancer Research-Revive Jewelry

New Jewelry For Breast Cancer Research

Yay, Change Maker, it's almost October! I'm so excited to show you a brand new pendant for breast cancer research, but first let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration and process (the reveal will come at the end- so stick with me!).

At Revive, I'm always selling jewelry to raise money for charity, but it's always so exciting when awareness months come around, so we can focus our efforts on a special cause.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so let's do something special to honor all the people suffering, surviving, and thriving. Also, let's remember all our loved ones that have been taken too soon by this ruthless disease. To make this month extra special, I’ve created a brand new pendant for you, the Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research.

Before I reveal the new design, which ins't available for purchase until 10/1, I want to tell you a little bit about my inspiration and some behind the scenes on how the Butterfly for Breast Cancer charm is created.

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breast cancer awareness jewelry butterfly pendant necklace based on histology slide that gives back

Do you have a spirit animal? Weird transition I know, but I promise it has to do with my inspiration. I'm pretty sure my spirit animal is a butterfly, so I have a personal connection to them. I've done quite a bit of research, from how they become butterflies to what they symbolize. 

The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis, of change from one state to another. The story of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is complex and metaphorical in itself, but in a nutshell, the caterpillar builds a cocoon, endures a metamorphosis, and emerges as a beautifully colored, elegantly ornate, organically patterned butterfly.

What better symbolism is there to represent anyone who has endured a battle with breast cancer & to represent our part in the fight for a cure?

So, now that we have the symbolism covered, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my design process. I start with a breast cancer cell image. To be exact, I look deeply at the image. At all the different aspects, looking from various angles, trying to locate interesting shapes with in the cell. 

Watch this video to see what I mean:

Behind the Scenes- Breast Cancer Butterfly Pendant Sketch from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.

And, voila, I found a section, that when you look at it just right, takes on the shape of a butterfly. I remember thinking, "Of course I found a butterfly hiding in a breast cancer cell!"

Immediately, I knew it was my duty to share this one small piece of beauty that could be found in this heartbreaking disease, so that we can use this beauty to fight for a cure. And empower ourselves by using the disease against itself.

By making it beautiful and using that beauty to do good, you stand strong and defiant. Together we'll stand up and say to breast cancer, “You will not intimidate me. I will fight and fight hard against you. I will wear my Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research necklace proudly as a symbol of my power and strength. You will not have power over me, because I'm taking my power back.”

Take it from Hannah V. who told me, "My grandmother loves her breast cancer necklace because it's a symbol of her strength and resilience." 

But, what about the lives we’ve lost to breast cancer? This necklace can serve as a reminder of their beautiful life. So that when you wear it, you are reminded of the good times and remember them always. Plus, you know that you’ve contributed to research for a cure so others might have a better chance at survival.

For the sale of this necklace, 10% is donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 90% of all donations to BCRF go directly to programs that support research for a cure, advance treatments and early detection techniques. Doesn't that make you so happy knowing your purchase makes such a big impact on saving lives?!

Are you ready for the big reveal??

Introducing the Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace

Nikki wearing silver and gold filled butterfly for breast cancer research necklaces

Available in Sterling Silver ($88) or 14k Gold Filled ($105) Necklace with adjustable 16-18” chain. Pendant size is 1" x 1/2"  

You can wear it extra short or a little longer for wear with various necklines. I'm wearing both necklaces to show the length range.

This necklace is more than just jewelry; it’s hope, strength, awareness, charity & cures.

"My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and I was able to get her a necklace designed after a breast cancer cell, so she can have something beautiful to remind her of her strength." -Courtney Z.

Butterfly for breast cancer research charm necklace

There are so many women and families affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. We have the power in our hands to do something to change that. But, I can't do it alone, so I'm asking you to help me by considering purchasing the Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace. 

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