New Jewelry for Heart Disease Research-Revive Jewelry

New Jewelry for Heart Disease Research

Are you excited for February, Change Makers? I can already feel that love is in the air! This is such a fun month to show the people in your life how much you care about them. Whether you have someone that you want to share your Valentine’s Day with, or if you get together for a Galentine’s Day with your friends, it’s a great time to show your love! That’s why I created a new design to highlight how you feel about the special person in your life.

Cause of the Month American Heart Disease and Heart Pocket Necklace

As I mentioned earlier in January, this year I’ll release a new design every month. That means we’ll have 12 new designs this year as well as 12 causes to support! If you want to stay updated with each new design and receive exclusive news about our charity donations, then join the Change Maker's Club to stay connected.


For February, I’ve created a brand new heart shaped jewelry design called The Heart Pocket Necklace. I chose the shape of a heart for two reasons. First, it’s a shape that reminds us of all the joy, love, and care we hold within ourselves for the people around us. The shape also symbolizes the person who gives us the gift of our heart shaped jewelry. Second, the heart shape of this pendant highlights the cause I’d like to focus on this month. This February, I’d like to direct our charity awareness towards heart disease.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and affects men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups throughout the country. In the U.S., a person has a heart attack every 40 seconds. When the amount of people affected by this disease are so high and there are so many risks, it’s important for us to find a way to help them. Join me in supporting people living with heart disease and standing up together to educate others about risk factors. Together, let’s put an end to heart disease.

Support Heart Health iPhone with Heart Pocket Necklace Product page

When I began looking into the effects of heart disease on a person’s body, I came across a really interesting cell image of an artery. I manipulated the colors so that they resembled a heart more closely with shades of red, pink, and bits of lavender. You can see how these colors come together in the beautiful pendant encased in resin within the necklace.


The Heart Pocket Necklace will help you keep your loved ones close to your heart, so close that they're in your Heart Pocket. Tucked away safely in your heart, traveling with you wherever you go. You'll feel close to them and each time you see your necklace or reach up to touch it, it'll remind you of your special someone. Fill your heart with love, admiration and the memory of the most special people in your life.

Featuring a heart shaped pendant to signify your love for the important person in your life, and also the way that the cause you support is a part of your heart. In the middle of this pendant, there is an image of a cell from an artery affected by heart disease. 

My version of the cell image hangs in the middle of the heart shape so that it looks like its floating inside the necklace. Not only does this symbolize a healthy heart but it also keeps the important cause in the center of the piece. The pendant attaches to an adjustable 16-18 inch chain and can be ordered in sterling silver or a mix of sterling and 14k gold filled.

Giving Back

The most important part of this design is that it’s a piece of heart shaped jewelry with a valuable message. It’s about the love we show for our partners or family, but also about the care we commit to a greater community of people affected by heart disease. It’s a heart that is also a part of your heart.

Proceeds from the sale of this necklace will go directly to the American Heart Association. This organization helps people make healthy choices together and take charge of their wellness. They fund research about heart disease risk factors and manage supportive communities throughout the United States. By purchasing this new necklace, you take an active part in helping the American Heart Association.

Consider getting your own Heart Pocket Necklace that supports heart disease research and awareness today to create healthy changes throughout the United States! Together we have the power to create positive change.

Heart Pocket Necklace

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