different types of opals Australian, Ethiopian, yellow and pink opals

Opal Meanings & Properties

This month’s special release is the Awareness Bracelet for Sarcoma with yellow opal stones. I thought it’d be fun to talk about the origins of opals and their metaphysical properties. Opals come in a variety of colors and types, from fiery white to black and everything in between. Let's talk about the general features of opals and then get more in depth about the yellow opal since those are the stones I used for the July Cause of the Month Release.

Opal Origins

fiery opals from Australia and Ethiopia

On the left, Australian Boulder Opals. Right are Ethiopian Opals.

About 90% of all the opals in the world come from Australia, but they can also be found in the US, Mexico, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala & Nicaragua.

Most of the really fiery opal types come from Australia, Ethiopia & various US locations. You can see varieties from Australia in blues (Boulder Opal), whites and blacks. Ethiopian opals tend to be only white to yellow in color with a lot of fire, ranging in the full visual color spectrum. These are the most gorgeous variety of opal in my opinion, which is why I incorporated them in a few pieces. They’ve been especially trendy lately too :)

opal varieties in blue boulder opals, pink and yellow

Some of the different opal color varieties.

The other colors of opal, like the yellow ones I used for this bracelet, don’t have a fire to them. But what they lack in fire, they make up for with their bright color. I also really love pink opals, which have a milky light pink color tone to them. 

Opal Metaphysical Properties✨

  • I love opal because one of it’s main benefits is self-worth and strengthening the will to live. These two properties can be so beneficial for anyone dealing with an illness. 
  • Opals are great for women because they are said to balance female hormones and help with PMS, menopause and childbirth.
  • From an illness standpoint, opals are helpful for Parkinson’s, infections, fevers, memory, regulating insulin, purifying blood & kidneys, eyes & ears.
  • Lastly, opals help assuage fears and encourage you to listen to your intuition.

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Opals gemstone meaning and healing properties

Yellow Opals

yellow opal beads


Most yellow opals are found in Australia, just like the other varieties. But they can be found anywhere there are opal deposits. It has a slightly different mineral make up than other opals creating the yellow tone. These stones don’t have any fire, but they are all different. Each one has a little more or little less yellow. Some are more whitish and some are more of a mustard color. You can’t help but be happy when you look at them- they’re so sunshine-y!

Metaphysical Properties✨

Yellow opals carry all of the same metaphysical properties as regular opals mentioned above, but they also have some additional benefits.

  • Inspiring joy, they have an uplifting and revitalizing effect.
  • They also reinforce positive emotions and bring emotional stability to the wearer.
  • The best quality of this stone is that it encourages us to push forward and remember our inner strength.

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Now I bet you understand why I love opals so much & why I chose yellow opal for this month’s special release! Check out the bracelet & more about it’s specific inspiration by clicking below. For more information about our charity partner Sarcoma Alliance, click here.

yellow awareness bracelet for Sarcoma in July

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