Reflecting on Revive Jewelry’s Journey in 2019-Revive Jewelry

Reflecting on Revive Jewelry’s Journey in 2019

Reflecting on the journey collage of revive Jewelry new jewelry releases and model wearing lots of rings and bracelets

As we prepare to start 2020 with fresh minds and new resolutions, I’m excited to talk about everything we’ve accomplished together at Revive Jewelry this year, and what to expect next year. It’s been a whirlwind of new releases that I can only thank you, Change Makers, for supporting all year long. I’m also thankful for everyone who’s promoted my designs, which leads me to some special news! Keep reading my 2019 recap to find out some exciting information about what’s in store for next year.

Earlier this year in March, I created a special set of stud earrings to help raise awareness of children’s health. As a proud partner of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s Make March Matter campaign, I was inspired to contribute directly to funding the resources, treatments, and services offered to children at CHLA.

Designer Nikki Zazzali and Annie Cornforth of CHLA at the Make March Matter Kickoff party

In June, I created four new designs for Alzheimer’s research. These pieces were inspired by my grandpa Phil’s & grandma Lorraine’s journey through Alzheimer’s. I wanted to create something that would help support a way in which we could all work together so that we won’t have to watch our elders suffer, or suffer right alongside them. By wearing these designs, you show your dedication to funding research and a cure for Alzheimer’s. These new pieces joined a greater collection of unique jewelry designs that contribute to the important study of this disease.

Also in June, Revive Jewelry made a huge splash on Instagram with a feature by Kristiana Tarnuzzer of The Cause Bar! (@thecausebar on Instagram) The Cause Bar focuses on supporting moms and other women on the go to make easy shopping choices without compromising on positive impact. They know that we all want to make great change in the world, but we don’t always have the time to research each brand. I was so excited to get to be a part of The Cause Bar’s effort to sustain a community of Change Makers that want to make good consumer choices. Being a part of their movement means so much to me in my goal to raise money for research and disease cures with beautiful jewelry that takes power back from devastating illnesses. 

Best moments of 2019 photo collage

In August, I launched a new mini collection of limited edition jewelry pieces supporting liver disease research. For this collection, I was inspired by both cell images of the disease as well as beautiful jewels and stones that I found from an amazing, high-quality source in the industry. I carefully hand selected each stone to display in this unique collection. I sold this limited edition release during a LIVE Facebook Sale! Should I make another limited edition collection, and what cause should it support? Tell me in the comments!

Sarcoma Alliance earring and necklace set to fund research

That same month, I created a necklace and earrings set dedicated to raising funds for the Sarcoma Alliance. Sarcoma is a rare form of cancer that affects less than 1% of the U.S. population, but deserves a voice nonetheless! I designed a pendant based on the cell images of Synovial Sarcoma that supports this charity’s amazing mission of providing guidance, education & support to everyone affected by sarcoma through programs including financial assistance, support groups, peer-to-peer support, information on sarcoma, and individual guidance.

Then, in October, I released the Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace. I created the design by taking a closer look at an image of a breast cancer cell, where I found the shape of a butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis that represents someone enduring a journey of great change to emerge in a new, beautiful form. The figure of the butterfly and all that it stands for seemed like the perfect way to represent our part in the fight for a cure.

Rach DiMare of RD's Obsessions wearing Revive Jewelry's Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research and a pink power suit

Following my new design release in October, I was honored to be featured by Rach DiMare, author of RD’s Obsessions! Rach is a breast cancer thriver who writes about her own battle with breast cancer while keeping her fashionista front and center. She's turned her battle into strength and uses her blog to spread awareness and let women know that they're not alone. Rach is a shining example of someone who is taking their power back from breast cancer.

In November, I unveiled the Guardian Angel for Lung Cancer Research Necklace. I was inspired by my grandpa Mike, who was like a father to me. I felt absolutely heartbroken when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within the same month. I knew I had to do something to remember him, his strength, and help others who were going through the same thing. That’s why I created this new design that celebrates all the people in our lives who stand by us through thick and thin. Our guardian angels are always a part of us and now, with this necklace, you can always keep a reminder of the people who protect and inspire you close to your heart wherever you go.

Model wearing sterling silver guardian angel necklace and 14k gold filled guardian angel necklace to show lengths

Later that month, I was honored to be featured in an interview with Voyage LA about Revive Jewelry’s mission and everything that makes us special. I was so happy to talk about my family and how they inspired me to start thinking about ways to give back to charities fighting against disease. I also talked about how sentimental I feel every time I create a new piece and how important it is to me that so many Change Makers have joined me in this empowering movement. You can read the full interview here.

Recently, Causeartist also featured Revive Jewelry’s Stud Earrings for Diabetes Research in their Social Impact Holiday Gift Guide for Conscious Consumers. These earrings are just one of the amazing designs dedicated to raising money for diabetes research and awareness. It’s so inspiring to be a part of such a great list of artists and creators dedicated to ethical values and empowering others to make a positive impact through their conscious shopping choices.

Diabetes Research Stud Earrings in sterling silver

So, what’s coming up for Revive Jewelry in 2020? This year is going to be our biggest one yet! I feel so inspired by everyone’s enthusiasm for all the new designs I released this year, so in 2020…I’m going to release a new design each month! All year long, you can expect a new piece every month to represent a specific cause that will look beautiful and also support a charity dedicated to researching a cure for a life-altering disease.

My New Year’s resolution is to do everything I can to create elegant jewelry for charity that supports each cause that’s important to your life. I’d love to hear more about what specific causes are important to you! Comment below or contact me directly to tell me more about your story.

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