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The Revive Ethos

What drives you to be the person you are? I know that's a deep question, but it's an important one. Our actions every day speak to our ethics, morals and standards. So, what are your ethos?

I love the definition of ethos so much, I have to share it: 

The characteristic spirit of a community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. 

Now, Change Makers, this is exciting! Here's our chance to really create some positive change in the world. It's through our actions, which are a direct result of what we believe in and aspire to be and create, that we can change the world together. 

Let me tell you a little bit more about the ethos upon which I built Revive Jewelry. I hope they'll resonate with you and get you as fired up about this mission as I am.  

jewelry model wearing beaded necklace and sterling chain in front of cat tail bush Charity

Above all, I'm devoted to help find cures, provide better treatments, early detection, education for prevention, spread awareness and change stigmas through Revive Jewelry. Designed with this in mind, my pieces highlight the positive aspects so we can create positive change. We’re all in this together, so let’s choose to use beautiful jewelry to change the world one piece at a time.


jewelry model wearing short sterling silver pendant necklace and sterling silver chandelier earrings in a field of daisiesCommunity

It's my wholehearted desire to create a network of caring people who support causes that matter to them. Let's build a community of socially minded people who want to feel good about what they buy and find hope that there are others like them supporting and fighting for a cause. Whether you’re fighting physically or supporting spiritually and mentally, the Revive community has your back. We care about the causes that are important to you so we’re here working hard and giving back to help. So, please reach out- I'm ready to help however I can.
Take it from Dede M. who said, "Nikki's heart and soul are in her work as well as her dedication to her cause." 
Or, Carolyn S. who told me, "there's great meaning and love in each piece."

jewelry model wearing long sterling silver pendant necklace and short silver round pendant necklace in front of trees Quality

I'm also dedicated to producing a quality product that parallels the quality of life I desire for you. Every piece is handmade, by me, with loving care in my Redondo Beach, CA studio. I hand pick each stone and triple check every piece before it ships to you. Each design is made uniquely to represent your one of a kind story. Intended to be worn every day so you can show your support wherever you go. Revive Jewelry will maintain its beauty over generations so you can keep your memories alive. It's all about giving back so you feel good about your jewelry on the inside while you look good on the outside.
So, what do you get when you put all of these together? My Revive Jewelry motto- our pieces are more than just jewelry; they're hope, strength, charity, awareness and cures. 
I hope this inspires you to join the Revive Jewelry Change Makers Club, or consider supporting one of our causes by purchasing a piece from your favorite cause.
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