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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

February 14th is just a few short weeks away, and if you’re wondering where to find a unique Valentine’s Day gift that gives back to a personally meaningful cause, keep reading. I’m excited to share some special charitable jewelry pieces from Revive Jewelry, because Revive is more than just jewelry. It’s hope, strength, awareness, charity, and cures.

For every piece of Revive Jewelry you buy, 10% of proceeds is donated to help a hand selected charity dedicating the most dollars to fighting for your cause & a cure.

Every piece of Revive Jewelry on our list features hand cut cellular images relating to different medical conditions. The jewelry pieces in this gift guide can be made using the cellular images of any one of our many charitable causes

If you don’t see the cause you would like to support listed in the dropdown choices for your favorite gift item, no worries. Simply add the item to your cart, and in the “notes” section of your order list the cause whose cellular image you would like included on your jewelry piece. If your gift includes accent stones, I will select a stone color that matches or coordinates with that of the cause you requested.

This year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide includes my top V-Day jewelry picks for every woman in your life including romantic partners, moms of young children, moms with grown kids, your besties, and even yourself.

Perfect Gifts for Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Partner

legacy earrings that give back to charity

The elegant drop style Kindred Spirits Earrings are a perfect accessory for a classy date night or for dressing up a t-shirt and jeans look. Available in sterling silver or 14K gold fill, these sophisticated earrings feature the cellular image of the cause of your choice on top and a coordinating color semi-precious stone dangling below. A sturdy leverback closure means she can enjoy the day or date with confidence knowing the earrings will stay secure.


front and center necklace that gives back to cancer charities

Does the love of your life have a cause that she holds very close to her heart and wants to carry with her always? The Front & Center Necklace is a pendant style necklace with the colorful resin encased cell image on the center pendant that rests just below her collarbone. Dainty accent beads in a coordinating color are sprinkled along both sides of the pendant making this a very stylish, fashion forward piece for a sophisticated woman to wear everywhere from the office to weekend brunch.

Perfect Gifts for Moms of Young Kids

stand up stud earrings that give back to cancer charities

The hoops and dangle earrings may be staying in the jewelry box until her baby gets a little older, but that doesn’t mean she needs to pass on jewelry altogether. A cute pair of stud earrings is the perfect way for the mother of a baby or young toddler to add a pop of color to her look without the worry of her child grabbing and pulling on the jewelry. The Stand Up Stud Earrings come in the colors of all our causes, and the cause is front and center with the hand cut cellular image proudly displayed on the face of the stud. 


cancer awareness stretch bracelet for a cause

A stretch bracelet is another fun and easy to wear piece of jewelry for a busy mom of littles. Each of the Awareness Stretch Bracelets is made of gorgeous semi-precious stone beads. A resin covered cellular image of your cause of choice hangs like a charm from the center of the bracelet. Wear one or stack several. The bracelets are perfect for the mom who has a connection with more than one cause and would love to support them all. 

Perfect Gifts for Moms with Grown Children

embrace earrings that give back to cancer charity

Thank your mom for all the years of love she’s given you by gifting her a special pair of earrings to honor a cause that means a lot to her. Whether you are celebrating a challenge she has faced and overcome or acknowledging and remembering the journey of someone she cherished, your mom will value the love and support you show her with this special gift. The Embrace Awareness Earrings are a single drop earring with an oval resin covered pendant featuring her cause’s cellular image. Lever backs keep these earrings in place and ready for everyday wear.


magnify awareness jewelry set for breast cancer research

Gift Mom the perfect opportunity to share her cause-related story with the Magnify Awareness jewelry set. The earring and necklace set highlights the cause of her choice. All visual attention is drawn to the colorful resin encased cell image on the center pendant of the necklace and the matching dangle pendant on each earring. Both the necklace and earrings have a clean, classic style and are easy to wear for work or play. The necklace comes with a 2” extender so it can be adjusted from between 16 to 18” in length.

Perfect Gifts for Your Galentine’s BFF

forever tied legacy friendship bracelet for BFFs

Celebrate the woman who has been by your side through everything and embrace the “Galentine’s Day” spirit. With my grownup version of the friendship bracelet, you and your bestie can each wear one of the Forever Tied Awareness Bracelets while giving back to a meaningful cause too. Remind her that you are there for her no matter what she or her loved ones are going through and let her remind you of the same. Forever Tied bracelets feature a resin cause pendant on a soft nylon cord that’s comfortable for long term wear so you can continue to show your support daily. 


awareness hair pins for multiple sclerosis perfect gift for best friend

Gift your friend a way to hold back those flyaway bangs in style with the classy and colorful Awareness Hair Pins. This set of 2 pins comes in silver rhodium plated brass featuring a circular resin covered cellular image of your chosen cause. Whether she tucks them into a bun or pulls her hair back to showcase matching earrings (available separately), these hairpins are the conversation starter your friend is looking for to share her cause-related story with others.

Perfect Gifts to Treat Yourself

link for change legacy necklace with histology slide pendant that gives back to cancer research

Celebrate the power of community in the face of disease with the Link for Change Necklace. Each semi-precious stone on the hand linked chain is a reminder that every one of us is important and vital for supporting others, spreading awareness, and raising funding for research. By joining together in a chain of hope and action, we continue the push for cures. At the center of each 34” Link for Change necklace chain is a rectangular pendant with your choice of cell image encased in resin. Gift yourself this stunning, elegant necklace as a symbol of hope, strength, and resiliency.


power hoop earrings for Alzheimer's awareness that give back

Wear it loud and wear it proud for everyone to see. The Power Hoop Earrings make a statement with a dramatic 2” sterling silver hoop inset with a circular pendant of the cellular image of the cause of your choice. Rekindle your inner fire as these earrings remind you of the power and passion you have to fight for your cause.

Order Deadline

Remember, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. Please place your orders by no later than February 4th for expected standard shipping delivery by February 14th. For any orders placed after the 4th, we offer expedited shipping.

Due to COVID, UPS has stopped guaranteeing delivery dates. USPS has also recently increased the amount of delivery time for first class packages. Please take this into account when choosing your shipping method.

Last Minute Gift

Are you short on time and not sure if your present will make it by Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you still don’t know just what to get? 

For last minute gifts and giving your special someone the pleasure of their very own shopping experience, we suggest a gift card. Your Valentine can have the fun of browsing through all our causes and jewelry pieces as she selects the one that most resonates with her. 

last minute gifts revive jewelry gift cards

Remember, when you’re looking for a non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift that she will really love, the best choices are something with meaning and purpose. 

For every piece of Revive Jewelry you buy, 10% of proceeds is donated to help a hand selected charity dedicating the most dollars to fighting for your cause & a cure. 

This makes Revive Jewelry a special and meaningful way to recognize the struggles that your Valentine or someone she loves has endured, then honor that memory by supporting research for a cure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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