Your Caregiver Secret Unlocked

I'm so glad we've found each other!

We've got an exciting opportunity in our hands and I need your help to make it a reality. But first, I'll let you in on that secret I mentioned...

The biggest secret about being a caregiver is:

Always remember to take care of yourself too. It’s the most important part of being a caregiver and it's the #1 thing people forget to do.

By taking care of yourself, you'll take your power back, which is important because that’s how together, we can overpower disease.

 So, how do I know about being a caregiver and overpowering disease?

Let me tell you a little bit about my story.

Growing up, my grandpa was like a father to me.

I was angry and desperate for answers,

a solution to take my pain away.

That's when the light bulb went on:

If we all get together, to rally behind this cause, we can start a movement toward positive change for the future. A movement that uses these diseases to take our power back from them and raise money for research toward a cure.

While you’re going through your struggles with your loved one, you might be feeling powerless like I did. One of the ways to beat this feeling is through research, and that’s why my jewelry brand focuses on just that. 

More Than
Just Jewelry

For every piece of jewelry you buy, 10% of the gross profit goes back to support research for cures, better treatments, early detection and prevention techniques.

It's hope, strength, awareness, charity and cures.

The only way to take our power back is through research, and we need funding for that. When you buy my jewelry, it provides that funding, and with your help, together, we can change the future and take our power back.

I wholeheartedly believe in this mission. I also believe in us, that we can do this together. By choosing how we spend our money, how we use our buying power, we can do good. All of our small bits put together will help us take our power back and over power disease. Do you agree?

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