spring jewelry for ovarian cancer awareness in teal

New Awareness Jewelry Inspiration

I'm so excited about this new Spring Awareness Jewelry Collection and raising money together to fight disease in 2021! This time around I was really inspired by all the bright, vibrant and light colors of the season- blues, whites, pinks, purples- as well as the histology slides themselves. There's some new takes on classic styles and a few edgy pieces too! As always, 10% for every piece you purchase will be donated to the cause you buy. Keep reading for some sneak peeks & behind the scenes of my design process.

The collection launches officially on 1/26/21, but if you join the Change Maker's Club, you'll get early access starting 1/21/21! 

Behind the Scenes

ovarian cancer awareness necklace in process of being designed and made
Laying out stones and pairing them with cell pendants

Every jewelry designer has a different process for making their designs. And sometimes I'll vary mine as well. This collection was primarily inspired by the amazing stones I've been hoarding :) So a lot of the styles started out with the stones in place and got filled in with the matching awareness pendants to finish off the piece.

sketch and layout of new bracelet stacking sets for breast cancer and ovarian cancer awareness
As you can see in the photo above,  I usually start with a sketch of the design I want to create. These designs just pop into my head & I'll jot them down throughout the day. I add them to a sketch book throughout the year and when it's time to create a new collection, I go back and take a look. Not everything I sketch gets made and even sometimes I'll make it and decide it's not working. It's a long process!
design process with sketch and stones laid out

I also wanted to expand on the top causes from last year because they're obviously the most important to you guys. So, you'll see new pieces in the Lung Cancer Collection, Pancreatic Cancer Collection, and Diabetes Collection to name a few.  

Now that you've been behind the scenes, let's get you some previews of the new collection!

Sneak Peeks

Alzheimer's Inspired Pieces

Alzheimer's inspired jewelry to spread awareness and give back to research
These new pieces are inspired by the Alzheimer's cell histology slide and the stones they include. I used some baroque pearls for the drops of these new earrings and I'm kind of in love! 
The asymmetrical necklace is based on a best selling necklace style I've carried in other causes before. The large stone is a white agate that actually has a classic geode look and some silvery sparkles that shimmer when you wear it. 
If you like a little more color, this last necklace is perfect for you! The small stones are teal amazonite which surround small round pendants containing the Alzheimer's cell image under resin. This necklace is perfect for layering!

Multiple Sclerosis Inspired Pieces

multiple sclerosis awareness jewelry that gives back
Just like one of the Alzheimer's styles above this asymmetrical MS necklace is based on a best selling style that's been in the collection for a long time in other causes. For this one I've used the large kyanite stick that'll catch sparkly flashes in the right light. Also, two labradorite stones surround the small round pendant which contains the signature cell image under resin in a sterling silver bezel.
Ok, now I just love this long labradorite stone chain necklace! It's 32 inches long, so it's the perfect throw on and go necklace. The labradorite stones have little flashes of blue in the right light and will sparkle as you wear it. The long rectangular pendant comes from the same histology slide as the other necklace but it's from a lighter portion of the image.
And, shhh, there's sibling styles coming in 3 other causes (maybe more;)! But you'll have to wait and see those at the launch.

Ovarian Cancer Inspired Pieces

ovarian cancer awareness jewelry necklaces and bracelet
Ok, all 3 of these styles are brand new silhouettes and I'm super excited for all of them!
This beaded necklace might be my favorite piece of the collection! It has rough aquamarine nuggets in the center bookended by ovarian cancer cell image pendants on a strand of sea blue chalcedony. I just love the rough and smooth juxtaposition of this piece.
The chain necklace is a fun choker style that's perfect for a more youthful look. The ovarian cancer pendants will sit right on your neck as the fancy chain highlights your clavicle. A super cute necklace for everyday wear.
Fringe, need I say more about this bracelet?! It's so flirty and fun to wear and it goes with everything. Almost like a charm bracelet, it's sizable, so it fits any wrist up to 8 inches. And, it matches perfectly with any of the Ovarian Cancer Collection pieces!

Bracelet Sets

awareness bracelet sets for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and Alzheimer's

Awareness stretch bracelet stacks are here! Because of the popularity of the original Awareness Stretch Bracelet, I wanted to create a "done for you stack" that you can wear all together or as separate pieces. Each set contains 3 bracelets hand strung from semi-precious stones. To start, these will be available in three causes: Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer & Ovarian Cancer. If you're interested a different cause, just contact me here

And More

There's lots more styles coming, but I wanted to keep some secrets so it's more fun when you finally get to see the full collection. I'm so excited that most of these new styles will be customizable in any cause you like! Simply select from a dropdown if available, or type it into the notes section of your cart. I hand process every order, so no need to worry about anything getting lost!

Don't forget to sign up for the Change Maker's Club and get early access to shop before these sell out! What do you think of the pieces you've seen? Let me know in the comments!


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