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Charity Partner Spotlight: Baby Quest Foundation

Are you struggling with infertility? I know how you feel because I've also struggled with fertility. Click Here to read my story.

It's such a long and sometimes hopeless journey, usually making you feel pretty terrible and leaving you wondering what else you can do other than costly fertility treatments. And for lots of women, myself included, fertility treatments are the only answer. But they come with a hefty price tag. That's where Baby Quest Foundation comes in.

About Baby Quest Foundation

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Baby Quest Foundation is all about helping people who want to have a baby but can't afford the treatments. One in eight women will have fertility issues, so it is much more common than most people think. It's super important to talk about this and end the stigma that makes you feel like something is wrong with you- there's no shame in getting help to get pregnant.

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Revive Jewelry charity partner spotlight on Baby Quest Foundation helping provide grants for ivf and fertility treatments

So, how does Baby Quest Foundation help people? By providing quarterly grants to all sorts of different couples and even single women hoping to have a child. From the Baby Quest site:

"We strive to be diverse in regards to ethnicity, sexual orientation, and geography. Grants are available to singles and couples, both same-sex and heterosexual."

If you're interested in applying for a grant, click here to check your eligibility.


Since Baby Quest was founded, they've given out over 100 grants to a very diverse group of couples and singles. Now that's a lot of baby help! 

revive jewelry and baby quest foundation charity partners

Revive + Baby Quest Foundation

Last April I introduced the Support Infertility Collection to raise money for Baby Quest Foundation and give others the chance to realize their dreams of having a baby. Since then, we've donated almost $100 to the cause and I know together, we can increase that ten or even hundredfold. If you're interested in commemorating your own journey while helping others by funding more Baby Grants, consider making a purchase today. Click below to shop now.

Support Infertility Collection 

fertility jewelry that spreads infertility awareness and gives back to baby quest foundation


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