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How You Can Take Power Back

Why Shop Revive Jewelry? from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.

You’ve come to the right place, Change Maker. I’m so glad we’ve found each other. We've got an exciting opportunity in our hands and I need your help to make it a reality. But first, I’d like to tell you a story- one that changed my life and will hopefully change yours too…

In 2012, my brother, Zack was diagnosed with Lupus, an auto immune disease with no known cause or cure. It’s incredibly painful and difficult to diagnose. I learned that there’s very little research about what causes lupus and how to treat it. I was baffled and furious. My family was too. And I knew I wanted to do something to change this, but I didn’t know what.

Nikki, Zack and Ted at her wedding


Shortly after that, my grandpa Mike, who was like a father to me, was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within a month. I was devastated. My family was distraught and heartbroken. And again, I knew I wanted to do something to change it, but I couldn’t quite figure out how. Yet…

Nikki, Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carolyn at graduation


I was angry and desperate for answers, a solution to take my pain away. I felt completely powerless against the diseases that had just taken the most important man in my life, and were responsible for forever changing the way my brother can live. But what could I do? I’m just one person…

And then, I thought, what if it wasn't just me trying to help? Surely there are other people who feel this way too, right?

That's when the light bulb went on:

If we all get together, to rally behind this cause, we can start a movement toward positive change for the future. A movement that uses these diseases to take our power back from them and raise money for research toward a cure.


Jewelry for Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer Research


Have you ever felt like this:

  • Powerless over disease?
  • Helpless and out of control in the face of a diagnosis or loved one’s diagnosis?
  • Desperate for a reason or cause? 
  • Yearning to take away your loved one’s suffering and cure them?
  • Empty inside, wondering when you’ll feel normal again after the loss of a loved one?

You're not alone; I’ve been there and so has Courtney:

“My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and I was able to get her a necklace designed after a breast cancer cell, so she can have something beautiful to remind her of her strength.” -Courtney Z.


Model wearing Revive Jewelry Necklaces for Breast Cancer Research


Our jewelry’s about hope, strength, awareness, charity and cures.

Consider donating to one of our many causes to create change and help people by purchasing one of our signature pieces.

Model wearing Revive Jewelry Necklace for Lung Cancer Awareness


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Take our quiz to find out what kind of supporter you are and things you can do to better help those that are in need in your personal life.


Nikki Zazzali Designer

While earning my degree in jewelry design, I stumbled across cellular structures and thought, wouldn’t this be an interesting idea for a piece of jewelry? And wouldn’t it be great to make jewelry that can help support a cause? And wouldn’t it be AMAZING if I could rally people around this cause so that we could create bigger change? YES!

And, so I created Revive Jewelry with these design principles, but to also create a community of Change Makers; people who want to use their buying power for good, to support important research, spread awareness, and find cures.

Behind the Scenes- Design Process from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.

We all have times in our lives, especially when it comes to dealing with disease, when we need extra support. Having someone to lean on can help more than we even realize. That’s why I’ve created a private Facebook group where you can share your feelings, struggles, hopes and triumphs. In the group we’re building a community of support where everyone can find information, understanding, inspiration and commonality.

Click here to join the private group.


If you support these causes and you feel like you're looking for that hope, strength, awareness, charity and cures, join our Change Maker’s Club to start reclaiming your power and promoting positive change now.


“My husband is diagnosed with lupus and I liked buying from a company that not only makes beautiful, handmade products, but also donates to finding a cure for the disease. Lupus is an under researched illness and anything that can be done to understand the disease is a step in the right direction." -Cristina M.


“There is great meaning and love in each piece.” -Carolyn S.