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Caregiver Support: How To Be the Best Caregiver For The Ones Who Need You

Caregiving is one of the toughest, emotionally charged and sometimes thankless jobs. Whether you're a caregiver for a loved one or it's your profession, you're serving people who need you and giving so much of yourself- that should be applauded. You're taking care of someone who is sick, making sure they have their medicines, eat right, sleep, don't sleep, move around, take them to the bathroom, and so many other things. You put your all into taking care of others, but it's SO important to also remember yourself.

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The Revive Ethos

What drives you to be the person you are? I know that's a deep question, but it's an important one. Our actions every day speak to our ethics, morals and standards. So, what are your ethos? I love the definition of ethos so much, I have to share it:  The characteristic spirit of a community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.  Now, Change Makers, this is exciting! Here's our chance to really create some positive change in the world. It's through our actions, which are a direct result of what we believe in and aspire to be and create, that we can change the world together.  Let me tell you a little bit more about the ethos upon which...

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Partner Spotlight: Sarcoma Alliance

So what is sarcoma anyway? Basically, it's a type of cancer that forms in the connective tissues of the body. There are two main types, soft tissue and bone. Sarcomas usually show up in joints near bones. It's very rare; less than 1% of the US population suffers from sarcoma. Exactly why it's so important to help spread awareness, change stigmas and raise funds to help find a cure. Revive Jewelry is a platform to give a voice to lesser known diseases that don’t have huge corporations behind them setting up run/walks or charity banquets. I want to use it to give all diseases equal funding toward a cure. To take the power back from these diseases and rally a group of people around...

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New Collection: Where I Find Inspiration

I always get asked how I come up with my designs. Maybe you've wondered how the images inspire me or how I incorporate them into the pieces. I'll be launching a new mini collection of limited edition jewelry pieces on Sunday 8/4 at the LIVE Facebook Sale. These new designs are a little different than what I've done traditionally, so I want to tell you about their unique inspiration. I'm always searching for new images. Recently, I came across these really amazing photos of liver disease online. Their lines and shapes create excitement in my brain. When I look at the cell images, I’m automatically drawn to certain areas. I start pulling out shapes & outlining interesting portions that I want...

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