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Pop of Color Style Guide

Don't we all wish that we had someone to dress us every morning? I usually spend about 10 minutes staring at my closet debating what to wear, hoping that some article of clothing will jump out at me. Although this usually doesn't happen, I do always end up dressed somehow. That got me thinking about what to do when you're tired of your wardrobe and need a fresh look. So I put together some style guides on how to mix and match staple items to breathe new life in to an over used repertoire.  

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Make March Matter- Mega Miracle Day!

Attending Mega Miracle Day with Children's Hospital Los Angeles was such an incredible way to start our March fundraiser for Make March Matter! The event's superhero theme was highlighted by the amazing patient stories shared. Amongst these was Fierce Pierce, a 2 year old boy who was treated by CHLA for Leukemia. Pierce was recently found to be strong enough to return home with his family.

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Remembering the Reason

I want to change what happens when someone gets lung cancer or breast cancer, or any disease. We can do this, together, by donating to these causes and helping them find cures to help all the people of the world, their families and friends. This is my dream, and I'm trying to make it come true.

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