Charity Partner Spotlight: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Charity Partner Spotlight: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

I'm so excited to highlight the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, our charity partner for the month of September. We partner with them year round to raise funds for their research & patient programs, but because September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we're doing a little more to highlight them & raise money for this important cause. 

We kicked off the month with a special new release, and last week we talked about the risk factors and ways to prevent ovarian cancer. Now let's meet OCRA and learn more about their mission & how you can get involved. 

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)

ovarian cancer research alliance

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is the leading private non-profit organization funding ovarian cancer research in the world. They also do a lot to support patients and their families throughout their journey and even into survivorship. 

Funding research into what causes ovarian cancer is a vital part of learning how to cure it. OCRA is doing more than any other organization to bolster this research and gain much needed insight into this disease.

They also fight for funding on Capitol Hill by working with legislators to make sure the government funding of research, patient programs and resources stay available, as well as access to the best high-quality care.


The OCRA mission is clear and simple: "To cure ovarian cancer, advocate for patients, and support survivors."

Research Impact

OCRA is the leading global initiator of research for ovarian cancer. In just the past year, they've funded research that has lead to 9 major discoveries related to this disease. These discoveries include identifying new genes that increase your risk of ovarian cancer and developing a new drug combination that will kill cancer cells and spare healthy cells. 

Each day they are looking for new ways to fund research that will lead to a better understanding of ovarian cancer and eventually a cure. 

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Patient Resources

There are so many resources available on the the OCRA website. You can talk with their special Oncologist counselor. Or find information after being newly diagnosed. There's information about your risk factors and what can actually decrease your risk. Find clinical trials or get help as a younger woman with their special resources just for you.

A strong community of survivors and current patients is a wonderful part of OCRA's services. You can find and connect with other women going through similar diagnosis or learn from survivors and get support on your journey. 

How to Get Involved


The easiest and most beneficial way you can get involved today is with a direct donation to OCRA. Click here to donate now.


Each year OCRA hosts its national conference, and this year it's even easier to attend because it's all virtual. The conference is a wonderful way to gather with like minded people to make meaningful connections all while hearing about the most recent advancements in ovarian cancer research and treatments, plus so much more. 

Connect with the ovarian cancer community, including patients, survivors and doctors through the different talks and gatherings throughout the week. There's even a live exhibitor hall where you can shop! 

There's still time to sign up! Click here for more information and to reserve your space.


When you shop at Revive Jewelry you're raising money 24/7 for OCRA. Each time you buy something from the Support Ovarian Cancer Research Collection, 10% of gross profit is donated to OCRA so they can continue funding life-saving research.

Consider supporting today with a purchase from the Ovarian Cancer Collection

jewelry for a cause that gives back to ovarian cancer

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