Charity Spotlight: Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Charity Spotlight: Cure Alzheimer's Fund

For the month of June, we've been talking about Alzheimer's and our charity partner for this special cause, Cure Alzheimer's Fund. But let's take a couple minutes to highlight the mission, core values, and successes of Cure Alzheimer's Fund so we can see how impactful our donations really are in finding a cure for this devastating disease.

Cure Alzheimer's Fund

I chose Cure Alzheimer's Fund as the charity partner for this jewelry collection because 100% of every dollar we donate goes straight to research for a better understanding of Alzheimer's, which will lead to better treatments, prevention, and eventually a cure (fingers crossed). Because their generous board takes care of all the operating costs for the charity, like salaries, fundraising costs and overhead, any donations they receive go to funding incredibly important research about Alzheimer's.

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Their Mission

The mission of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund is to, "accelerate research, make bold bets, and eradicate the disease." Founded in 2004, they have been feverishly committed to funding the world's leading scientific researchers & have provided over $110 million dollars toward this research. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in Alzheimer's research are due to this funding & each one has gotten us closer to understanding this disease. Every time a discovery is made, we're one step closer to finding a cure. 

The Cure Alzheimer's Fund always keeps their 4 core values in mind to ensure their continued success:   

  • "Fund the world’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers"
  • "Provide rapid review and approvals for submitted grants"
  • "Insist on collaboration among funded scientists"
  • "The board of directions pays for all overhead expenses so that 100% of donations go directly to research"

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Interview with Connor Swan of Cure Alzheimer's Fund

I recently sat down with Connor Swan, manager of leadership gifts & hero's program, to talk about Cure Alzheimer's Fund & their mission. He fills us in on Alzheimer's disease, provides insight into the charity's most interesting discoveries and talks about promising research.

Click below to watch the full interview:


Research Success

Cure Alzheimer's Fund has provided funding for some of the most amazing studies resulting in huge breakthroughs for Alzheimer's Disease. Some of these include:

  • The Alzheimer's Genome Project, which is ongoing, but is working to identify genes that may increase risk or offer protection from Alzheimer's. 
  • Alzheimer's in a Dish, where scientists have successfully recreated the Alzheimer's disease in a laboratory petri dish. This allows for, "studies to be performed in shorter timespans and allows for the rapid screening of existing drugs for their effect on amyloid plaques and tau tangles."
  • "Inside-Out" Amyloid Hypothesis , scientists believe that an increased amount of amyloid beta protein in the brain leads to Alzheimer's disease, getting them closer to identifying how and where Alzheimer's affects the brain.  

If you would like to read more about all the studies Cure Alzheimer's Fund has highlighted, click here & scroll to the bottom of the page.

Our Partnership

Since 2016, Revive Jewelry & Cure Alzheimer's Fund have partnered to raise funds through the sale of jewelry from the Support Alzheimer's Research Collection. In June we've doubled our efforts together with the special release of the Power Hoop Earrings for Alzheimer's Awareness & Research. Because of your support, we've been able to donate over $400 to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.

But we can't stop there. There's so much important work to be done. That's why your purchase is so important. For every piece you buy, you'll feel good knowing you get a beautiful memento to commemorate your loved one & your part in the fight for a cure. Plus, 100% of your donation is going to the research we desperately need to keep working toward finding a cure.

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Consider making a purchase today to create a better tomorrow.

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Looking for resources

Because Cure Alzheimer's Fund is focused solely on research for Alzheimer's, they don't provide many resources on their site. There are many organizations dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer's, including their families and caregivers. Here are some excellent resources to look into if you need more information:

Alzheimer's Association

National Institute on Aging

Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation


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