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Everything We’ve Accomplished in 2019

everything we've accomplished in 2019, group photos from revive jewelry part, panCAN 20th anniversary event and sarcoma alliance awareness month event

As we start to wrap up 2019, I want to take a look back on everything we’ve done to help take our power back from devastating diseases. When I started Revive Jewelry, I wanted to find a way to give back to the causes that support people like me, who know first-hand what it’s like to lose a dear family member to cancer. I realized that the best way to give back was to bring together a community of people who all felt the same way. By rallying together behind a cause, we can take our power back and raise money for research toward a cure. This year, I’m honored to take a look back on all of the causes we’ve joined together to support.

First in March, I was a proud partner of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s Make March Matter campaign. Their goal was to raise $1M for the Helping Hands Fund, which ensures that CHLA’s patients receive the critical, lifesaving care they need. CHLA helps all kids no matter what their financial circumstances, which is why I was especially honored to help support their mission to make healthcare accessible to all young people in need.

I designed a special set of earrings inspired by cell images of Neuroblastoma, which is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body and mainly affects children aged five or younger. I’m honored to be able to say that we raised $62 to fund resources, treatments, and services offered to children at CHLA & they made their $1M goal and then some!

Then in June, I was thrilled to attend the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN) 20 year anniversary event. I’ve partnered with PanCAN since I first started Revive Jewelry, when my friend Jill whose mom was taken by Pancreatic Cancer only 4 months after being diagnosed, suggested I get involved with their incredible work. Their organization recognizes that pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates among all types of cancer, so they provide vital funding to find a cure and promote awareness, early detection, education, and patient support.

pancan 20th anniversary event founder Pamela Acosta Marquardt speaking

At their 20th anniversary event, I met survivors and their families, staff, supporters, and doctors working together to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. I was so inspired by their speeches about new research, survivor stories and the past, and what they hoped for the present and future of PanCAN. I even got to join a tour of their facility that included short staff presentations about their services. Since then, we’ve raised $86 for PanCAN. You can explore the entire Pancreatic Cancer Research Collection here and join a groundbreaking community of Change Makers fighting for a cure.

In July, I had the pleasure of attending an event to view the Iconic Gateway Pylons of LAX turn yellow in honor of Sarcoma Awareness Month. At sunrise, about 30 survivors, caregivers, philanthropists, charity partners and medical professionals gathered together to remind each other of their strength and community. I met people who had lost family members and loved ones, but who still showed up to spread the word and help the sarcoma cause. I also met survivors and people who were recently diagnosed with sarcoma who all reminded me that I was standing in the midst of fighters.

group photo at sunrise lighting of iconic LAX pylons event for Sarcoma Alliance

Attending this event inspired me to create a design to support a cause that receives less widespread media attention, but deserves support regardless. I’m so thankful to say that we’ve been able to raise $70 to support the Sarcoma Alliance’s mission to provide guidance, education, and support to everyone affected by sarcoma through programs including financial assistance, support groups, peer-to-peer support, information on sarcoma, and individual guidance. 

We’ve accomplished so much together this year, Change Makers! These are only a few of the great causes we’ve been able to raise money for throughout this year. I’m so proud of everything we’ve done to help charities that are researching a cure for terrible diseases. Together we’ve raised a total of $1,500 for life-saving research for 16 different causes. Let’s keep up the great work in 2020!

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