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Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays

Every year right before Christmas, I’m always busy wrapping gifts, helping cook our big family meals, and getting everything and everyone together before the New Year. It can be so hectic in my house right up until Christmas Eve because there’s always so much to do and think about. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is seeing the looks on each of my friends’ and family’s faces when they open their presents. When they’re happy, I’m happy! It’s so important to me that I can give back to everyone who supports me throughout the year with something special and specific to them.

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I know first-hand that the holidays can be so stressful, but that everyone still wants to make sure they find something special for their loved ones. If you’re anything like me, all the preparations for the holidays can make it close to impossible to find those perfect presents for your friends and family. But don’t worry, no matter how busy or stressful things can get during the holiday season, it’s never too late to find the best gifts. Actually, I’m going to help make everything so much easier for you this year!

If you ordered a gift or a gift set for someone but it won’t be delivered by Christmas Day, you can also order a gift card. I’ll send you a special e-card that you can present to your loved one alongside their jewelry while you wait for its delivery.

Otherwise, if you didn’t get the chance to order a piece of jewelry in time for it to arrive before Christmas Day, consider ordering a gift card instead. In just the same way, I’ll be able to send you an e-card to take the place of the actual gift card until it arrives at your door. That way, you’re still able to show how much you care without missing out on all of the fun of unveiling a thoughtful holiday gift.

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A gift card lets someone choose their favorite piece in any collection based on their personal preferences. Proceeds still go to supporting a charitable cause, just like any other order. It’s a great and simple way to let someone choose the jewelry that best fits with their sense of style while giving back to the causes that need our help.

Finally, especially for people who live close by, you can arrange to pick up your gift order rather than wait the extra days for it to be delivered to you. I’m happy to prepare your order without sending it in the mail so that you can stop by to pick it up and wrap it according to your own holiday plans (or I can wrap it for you :). Place your order as soon as possible and contact me directly if you’d like to check about coming by to get your order.

The holidays are the busiest time of the year, but don’t worry, there’s still time to give a thoughtful gift to someone you care about this year. Explore jewelry by cause or collection and talk to me about finding a time to pick up your order. Or, consider ordering a gift card that gives you the most freedom to choose a unique piece of jewelry without the additional concerns of wrapping it before the big day. Happy holidays!

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