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Make March Matter and How You Can Get Involved

Can you believe it’s already March, Changemakers? That means it’s time for another awesome campaign with our partner, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! For the entire month of March, we’ll be working with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles through their fundraising campaign called Make March Matter. Let’s talk about how you can get involved & help Make March Matter for all the sick kids that desperately need our help. 

make march matter, children's hospital los Angeles and Revive Jewelry logo with smiling child this month's for the kids!

What is Make March Matter and How Can You Participate?

Make March Matter is a month long fundraising event dedicated to raising money to ensure all patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles receive the best care. These children face terrible diseases, such as neuroblastoma, and deserve love, support, and the best treatment possible and Make March Matter wants to make this happen. 

how you can get involved make a purchase make a donation make a difference
How You Can Get Involved 

This March, the campaign is hoping to raise one million dollars with the help of their dozens of partners, including Revive Jewelry :), who will donate throughout the month to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

These partners are from all sorts of businesses and shops like: 

  • Randy’s Donuts 
  • Anthropologie 
  • Panda Express
  • Marriot
  • And more

Participating is easy! Every time you shop, dine, or attend an event by one of Make March Matter’s partners, you’re contributing to the research of childhood diseases and ensuring children are given every opportunity to fight it and receive the best treatment possible. It really is that easy!

Make sure to drop by the Make March Matter website to view a complete list of their partners and support them throughout the month of March. You can also check out the events tab to see exactly when certain partners will be hosting their events to make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to participate in the Make March Matter campaign.

How You Can Support Make March Matter With Revive Jewelry

This campaign is my favorite time of year! We get to raise awareness & funds for CHLA which in turn helps sick kids from all over the US. Each March, I create a special design to commemorate this special cause and this year’s is extra special.

Introducing the Contribute to Change Necklace to Cure Childhood Cancer & Make March Matter. 
nikki wearing the contribute to change necklace to cure childhood cancer and make march matter necklace with matching swing earrings and close up of pendant

This necklace features an image of a Neuroblastoma cell in resin, complemented by a beautiful Lapis stone underneath. The chain is adjustable, meaning you can wear it at 16-18” which accommodates almost all necklines. And for the first year, this necklace not only comes in Sterling Silver but it’s also available in 14k Gold Filled- extra luxe! 

close up of the contribute to change necklace showing how it comes from a neuroblastoma cell image

This necklace is inspired by a cell image of Neuroblastoma, which is a rare childhood kidney cancer that mostly affects children under 5. While most children survive, high risk neuroblastoma still has poor survival rates. The doctors at CHLA are doing wonderful things to help patients with Neuroblastoma & many other diseases. Let’s take this chance to use science for good, and fight together to create better treatments and cures. 

contribute to change necklace and matching swing earrings to help fight childhood cancer
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When you purchase the Contribute to Change Necklace, 10% goes directly to the Make March Matter campaign and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to help fund research & end childhood diseases, just like neuroblastoma, and to give these children every opportunity for survival. Every time you wear your necklace you’ll remember all the good you’re doing and the kids you’ve helped.  

Let’s get together this March and bring an end to childhood diseases like neuroblastoma, and provide the patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles a better quality of life.


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