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Pop of Color Style Guide

Don't we all wish that we had someone to dress us every morning? I usually spend about 10 minutes staring at my closet debating what to wear, hoping that some article of clothing will jump out at me. Although this usually doesn't happen, I do always end up dressed somehow. That got me thinking about what to do when you're tired of your wardrobe and need a fresh look. So I put together some style guides on how to mix and match staple items to breathe new life in to an over used repertoire.  


pop of color style guide 

Adding a pop of color to neutral colors can work wonders for your look! It is a very simple way to freshen up a look and can be totally chic if you do it right. I know color can be intimidating, but just follow this simple rule- one is enough. Pick one color to make the basis of your outfit and then build the rest of your look with neutral basics. Try to keep your basics in the same color tone. For example, if you want to pair these fabulous red pants with a brown top, pick other items within the brown family for the rest of your outfit. Practice a few pairings before you hit the street, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be a pro in no time!


casual cool style guide

Once you've mastered the basics of adding a pop of color, you can start to mix in prints and multiple accessories to create a casual cool look that can be worn to the office or out for a night on the town. Jeans and a leather jacket are the best trick to making the pop of color work. You can wear them with basically anything! And trust me, they are in my rotation at least once a week. Pick a neutral print like this black and white polkadot blouse to build a chic look that will definitely turn heads!

Once you get the tricks down, you'll be working your outfits like a natural fashionista! 

How will you style these looks? Let me know in the comments!

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