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RD's Obsessions + Revive Jewelry!

What's the best part of your day? I'll tell you mine, because I'm pretty excited about it! The new Butterfly for Breast Cancer Research Necklace was featured by RD's Obsessions! Woohoo!

So why is this so amazing?? Rach, author of RD's Obsessions, is a breast cancer thriver who writes about her own battle with breast cancer while keeping her fashionista front and center. Her blog is "a source of inspiration not only for [her] latest fashion outfit posts but is also a place for strength & confidence for young women, especially for those who are battling and survived cancer." 

I love how she's turned her battle into strength and uses her blog to spread awareness and let women know that they're not alone. She says, "I strongly believe confidence is the key to beauty. I hope that my passion for fashion helps women realize that they can feel beautiful by creating their own style and owning it."

Isn't she amazing?! Now can you see why I'm so excited to be on her blog? I love what she stands for and it's an honor to be featured by her.

Here’s a look at her post:

Screen shot of RD's Obsessions Revive Jewelry Post on Instagram

"Did you know that my Revive Jewelry Butterfly Necklace gives back to Breast Cancer Research Foundation?! That's right, 10% of your purchase will be donated to breast cancer research! How amazing is that! You all know I'm passionate about this organization so why not make it fashion at the same time. 

What makes the Butterfly Necklace so amazing is the meaning behind the butterfly. It's so beautiful and a very heartfelt symbolism. I go into details about it on the blog. Hope you all join me and support a cause that is so dear to me."

It’s warms my heart to know that my pieces are helping others. My biggest goal is to raise money for cures with beautiful jewelry that takes the power back from these diseases to create positive change for the future. 

I hope you'll join Rach and consider supporting Breast Cancer Research this month by purchasing a Butterfly Necklace. Available in Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled.

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Butterfly Charm on chain in silver and gold for Breast Cancer Research

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