New jewelry for HIV & AIDS awareness

New HIV & AIDS Awareness Jewelry

In honor of HIV & AIDS Awareness Month in December, I've created a brand new design that raises money to fund research for a cure through the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center. This is one of my first designs to incorporate a fully beaded chain and I’m so excited to show it to you!

Introducing the Speak Up Necklace for HIV & AIDS Awareness

speak up necklace for HIV & AIDS awareness that gives back to charity

HIV & AIDS Jewelry

This is a new design, but it’s a totally classic silhouette. I love how easy this necklace is to throw on with jeans and a tee or to add a little extra sparkle to a dress. The large square pendant has a hand cut photo of an HIV cell under resin. It’s held on the necklace with a large handmade ring that’s super sturdy and will allow the pendant to move as you wear it- no cockeyed jewelry here!

histology slide of HIV on a T cell

Histology slide (cell image) of HIV on a T cell

The long 32” strand of beads are smooth round mint green moonstone. That means they’ll catch a blue flash in the right light as you wear it. Finished in the back with a toggle, this necklace is easy to fashion long or doubled up for a short look. So, you’re getting 2 looks for the price of 1!

Plus, for each necklace you buy 10% is donated to the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center to help them continue their research and find a cure.

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jewelry for HIV & AIDS awareness that gives back to charity for research and to find a cure.

Design Inspiration

The Speak Up Necklace for HIV & AIDS Awareness reminds us to use our voice and talk about the cause that matters to us most. The more voices we can rally together, the further we can push research forward. Just look at all the amazing progress that's been made; releasing preventative medicines and getting closer to a vaccine. That wouldn't be possible without a whole lot of people, like you, speaking out for change! 

Get Yours Now

Perfect timing for the holidays, these necklaces are on sale now! Click below to order yours now.

 HIV & AIDS awareness necklace with pendant

More from the Support HIV & AIDS Research Collection

HIV & AIDS awareness jewelry 

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