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Staying Positive: 22 Things to do at home to help keep a positive mindset

Alright I’m sure we’ve all binged some Netflix these past couple weeks, but how about some suggestions for things to do at home that’ll keep your mindset positive and not leave you feeling like a lazy lump? 

Here’s a list of 22 activities you can do at home to stay positive, uplifted, or just plain busy when it seems like there’s nothing else to do. And let's make a deal- if we do at least one of these per day, then it’s ok that we go back to binging Netflix later, haha.

With places like Amazon & Walmart still delivering, you’ve really got most of these options at your fingertips even if you don’t have the supplies today- you can order them. And the best thing is that many of these are free or low cost!

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22 things to do at home to stay positive and keep a good mindset

Self Care Activities


nikki meditating outside 1 meditate

Ok, I suggest this a lot. But it’s because it really helps your mind hit the reset button. It’s so important now to process all the emotions we’re feeling on a daily basis. Most of the time I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster- are you with me on that?

Meditating will help ground you and bring your focus to just this moment. Instead of jumping to worst case scenarios, you’ll remember to breathe and take things one step at a time.  

Gratitude Journal 

hand writing in book 2 gratitude journal

This is another thing I suggest all the time. It's because the benefits are crazy good & it takes very little effort. I’ve been doing this for over a year and it’s helped me feel like my life is very full instead of longing for things I may have perceived to be missing.

Find a journal or notebook & list out 5-10 things you're grateful for each day. These can be big or small. You can even list out wins for the day, which for some can be getting out of bed, or making it out of the house for a walk. This is just for you, remember that no one else will read it.

Give it a try and see what happens- what have you got to lose?

Essential oils

pine and lavender bottles 3 essential oils

There’s so much you can do with these. Each oil has different guidelines so make sure you check first, but you can add them to a bath, apply them to skin or use them in a diffuser. Just make sure you clear the type of oil you’re using is approved for that type of application. You will also want to check with your doctor if you have any conditions before using these. Here’s some oils that can help calm, relax and manage stress:


    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Rose Essential Oil
    • Bergamot Essential Oil
    • Jasmine Essential Oil
    • Clary Sage Essential Oil
    • German Chamomile Essential Oil
    • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
    • Basil Essential Oil

    Take a bath or soak your feet

    woman in bath tub 4 take a bath

    Use some of those essential oils we just talked about, or bath salts and get that deep relaxation going. You deserve it. It’s been a tough couple weeks. Time for some you time. 

    Read a book

    woman sitting outside reading a book 5 read a book

    I’m sure you’ve got lots of titles on the shelf that you’ve been waiting to crack open once you have some extra time. Well, here’s your chance! Since the lock down started, I’ve finished 3.5 books, and I’ve got 2 more after to go. I’m an avid reader, but I have faith that you can also get some reading in even if you’re not a big book worm.

    One caveat here- it goes back to the life is short concept and that there’s no better time to do things than now. If you’re reading a book & it doesn’t resonate with you within the first 75-100 pages (sometimes even 50), put it down and move on. I’ve stuck with way too many books that I kept wanting to get better and never did. Now I just move on. And this applies to all genres, even self-help, especially self-help. Help yourself to a good book! 

    Listen to a podcast

    phone with headphones on a table 6 listen to a podcast

    There’s so many amazing podcasts out there. Some of my favorites are:

    • This American Life- exploring the everyday occurrences that go on in a typical American Life.
    • TED Radio Hour- technology entertainment design highlights from TED talks; very interesting & educational.
    • Invisibilia- about the invisible forces of society and self that cause us to act the way we do.
    • Up and Vanished- a true crime series about unsolved crimes involving missing persons.
    • Serial- follows true crime cases and presents the facts from both sides letting the listener make their own conclusions. 

      Do you have a favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments!

      Have a “spa day”

      bath tray with flowers, Himalayan salt candle and wine glasses 7 spa day

      Cut up some cucumbers and break out your favorite mask. Get your slippers on and relax. Pamper yourself today. Maybe even give yourself a pedicure. You’ll thank yourself later.

      Exercise or yoga

      woman doing yoga pose on patio 8 exercise

      Doesn’t have to be anything hard. Just do what you're comfortable with. There’s a lot of virtual classes you can join, and even fitness people you can follow that will give you daily work outs (lots for free). You don’t even need to have equipment to do most work outs. Moving your body around, even a little, is so beneficial for your mindset & stretching is super helpful with all the sitting we're doing at home.


      woman holding fist out wearing ring that says I am bad ass 9 mantras

      Come up with some of your own mantras that you can repeat to yourself everyday. Use them to motivate you each morning or when you have a tough moment throughout your day. Think about what you want to be or how you want to feel and put it in the present tense. Here's some examples:

      • I am strong
      • I am peaceful
      • I am calm
      • I am clear headed
      You’ve got this. You’re making it through this & you’ll be stronger on the other side.

      Creative Activities

      Art projects

      man drawing on a wall with pencil 10 art projects

      The sky's the limit here. Depending on the supplies you have on hand or what you feel like creating try some of these ideas:

      • Sketch your favorite room or view
      • Paint something- a wood panel, canvas, pot, jar, paper plate, anything!
      • Spruce up your coffee table with a new coat of paint
      • Bust out your adult coloring book
      • Try sewing something, maybe a face mask? Here's an easy at home guide for beginners.

      Make a funny video or wear a funny outfit- or both

      girl wearing a blue wig with stuffed animal 11 funny video

      We can all use a little extra sunshine in our lives these days and what better way than to dress up in a quirky costume and just have fun? No one has to see the video, but I guarantee just making it will make you happy.

      Cook something special

      married couple cooking together in kitchen 12 special meal

      Now that your schedule’s opened up a bit, why not take the time to make a fancy dinner? Find a recipe using some of the stuff you’ve got on hand. Here’s a great site that lets you enter the ingredients you want to use and then it spits out a few options. You can even customize based on dietary restrictions and the cooking equipment you have.

      Maybe even go the extra mile and set the table nicely. Put out those cloth napkins you’ve been waiting to use for the right occasion. There’s no better time than now. 

      Have a dance party

      woman dancing 13 dance party

      Crank up your favorite song and boogie down. When you’re home alone you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you! Moving your body will get your blood pumping and make you happier, it's science.

      Redecorate a room or organize a closet

      over full closet 14 redecorate

      Been putting that hall closet out of your mind? Is the junk drawer getting out of control? Maybe your living room furniture feels a little stale. Why not rearrange or organize it? One of the best ways to feel in control of your life is to clean and organize something. You feel accomplished and it freshens up your life. We could all use a little bit of that these days.

      Home improvement project

      wall with hanging plants in repurposed tins 15 home improvement

      Personally I was ecstatic to find out that home depot is still shipping supplies! I’ve had a redo of the spare bedroom in mind for a while. But maybe you’ve just got a really plain wall that you want to spice up, or perhaps your garden needs a facelift. Now’s the time to get it done.

      My husband and I are planning on being weekend warriors for the next few weeks and by then I’m planning to have my front and back yard, 2nd bedroom and bedroom completely redone, not including furniture- we’re on a budget here. I’m talking a coat of paint and maybe an accent wall. But even just planning it will take some time and keep your mind in a better place than the Covid vortex.

      Create a vision board

      stacks of magazines 16 vision board

      Ok so there’s a few ways you can do this:

      1. You can make a vision board of what you want to accomplish this year (which might be affected by Rona).
      2. You can make a general board for all the things you want for your future indefinitely. 
      3. You can update the vision board you already made.

      I make a vision board every January for my goals for the year. I put it up in my office where I’ll see it everyday. I might not look at it all the time, but it’s there. It's a subconscious subliminal thing, but it works.

      Make your own vision board and don’t feel limited because of this virus. You can still achieve everything you want!

      Use magazines or photos you find online. You can include everything from life achievements, relationship goals, travel and career. It's totally up to you & can be totally private. Remember to hang it somewhere you'll see it frequently though.  

      Family Fun Activities

      Make cookies

      chocolate chip cookies on a plate 17 make cookies

      Yum! This isn’t one for everyday, but it’s fun like once every couple weeks. Or, every week- no judgement :)

      Play a board game or cards

      dominoes scattered on a table 18 play games

      You can gather round a table and interact with each other over a good board game. Or you can do it virtually- as long as you’ve got the same game going you can play via video chat! My husband even played virtual poker with his buddies the other day- it's totally do-able.

      Write letters

      greeting cards and envelopes on a table 19 write letters

      Yup, a good ol’ fashioned letter! When’s the last time you wrote to grams or your siblings? Why not go old school and write a nice letter to brighten their day (and yours). Plus, the United States Postal Service can use all the support they can get these days! 

      Learn something new

      map of England and open dictionary 10 learn something

      Make it a point each day to learn at least one new thing:
      • Look up a word
      • Find a new hobby, like cross stitching
      • Choose an animal that fascinates you and read about it
      • "Travel" with google earth

      All you have to do is google it!

      Decorate for an upcoming holiday, season or birthday

      streamers hanging on a wall 21 decorate

      I just decided to do this even though my husband and I are the only ones who will see it. I figured it brings us joy and a sense of normalcy- why not? Brighten your day and occupy your time, a win-win!

        Video call or FaceTime with friends or family

        woman and man talking on zoom 22 video call

        What is better than connecting “face to face” with loved ones? I swear I’ve talked to more friends and family in the past two weeks than I would’ve had this crisis not been going on. If there are any positives to be found here, that might be one. Even my 80 year old in-laws were able to figure out Zoom. So anybody can do it & it’s easy. 

          I hope these are some good tips for activities to help you stay positive and not go crazy while on quarantine during the Coronavirus. Let me know which ones you try in the comments!

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