Our Mission

Why Shop Revive Jewelry? from Nikki Zazzali on Vimeo.

Designed to honor loved ones, empower survivors, spread awareness and change stigmas, our classic jewelry celebrates the positives. Our pieces are easy to wear every day so you can show your support everywhere you go. Are you a woman who wants to feel good and look good while supporting important causes? Then together we can change the world one piece of jewelry at a time.

By wearing Revive Jewelry, you shine a light on invisible foes, bringing visibility to them and the people who struggle against them. When you wear Revive you embody these battles and honor these stories. Our pieces are more than just jewelry; they’re hope, strength, awareness, charity & cures.

Motivated by the diseases that affect us all, every design is based on a cellular image of the disease it represents- making our designs truly unique. We donate 10% of profit to a hand-selected charity that benefits each specific illness.

It’s in this spirit that each piece is built. All of our jewelry is handmade with love in Los Angeles, out of sterling silver & 14k gold filled. Paired with healing stones, each style is intended to make you feel beautiful while proudly displaying your inner warrior.