Our Mission

revive logo and tag with necklace

Revive is a jewelry line that partners with charities to turn tragedy into hope. With microscopic disease images incorporated into each design, our supporters can wear their triumph over illness on the outside so that it doesn't continue to define them on the inside. Revive goes beyond beautifying the battle against disease. For each piece that you purchase, Revive will donate 20% of gross profits to a charity dedicated to cure that specific disease. We partner with organizations that make the most effort to fight each illness and only select those that ensure the best use of every dollar.

In addition to the financial support we give to charities, Revive is intended to give moral support to people suffering from these diseases. Each Revive purchase goes beyond a simple act of charity, by giving the wearer a sense of strength and empowerment in the face of adversity. Revive strives to point out the power of the individual over the disease instead of letting the illness hold power over them. Become beautiful on the outside by showing the survivor that you are on the inside – that's what Revive: Gems for Generosity is all about. Revive jewelry also allows us to silently identify ourselves as part of the cause. There’s a unifying inspiration in seeing someone else proudly expressing their – or their loved one’s – struggle against a common foe.

The jewelry is not limited to people with a disease or loved ones of the afflicted. Everyone can support the causes featured in our collections. You don’t have to be affected by disease to show your support and solidarity by joining the Revive mission. Together, we can help mankind and the world.