pink jewelry for breast cancer awareness that gives back to charity

10 Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry Gift Ideas

October is breast cancer awareness month, but we don’t need to wait until then to show our support. Demonstrate your love and raise awareness for the cause year-round with stylish breast cancer awareness jewelry that gives back. 


More than 3.8 million American women are currently living with or have been treated for breast cancer. Did you know breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world? Almost all of us have been touched by this disease in some way whether personally or through someone we love.

For every purchase of Revive breast cancer jewelry, 10% of proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Today I’m sharing my best breast cancer awareness jewelry gift ideas. High quality cause-based jewelry pieces are meaningful gifts for women currently going through breast cancer treatment or those marking the end of their treatment journey. When supporters and family members wear awareness jewelry, it shows that our loved ones and their diagnosis matter to us.

The necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings I create are more than just more pieces of jewelry. They are filled with love, hope, and symbolism, giving you strength and the power to raise awareness for a cause that impacts us all. 

Every jewelry item on this list is handmade by me in my Redondo Beach, California studio using genuine rose quartz stones, pink opals, and cellular images set under resin. 

Take home your favorites or mix and match the coordinating pieces to create a breast cancer jewelry collection that is unique to you.

1. Magnify set 

breast cancer awareness necklace and earring set

The magnify awareness jewelry gift sets help raise funding for the cause and are perfect survivor, supporter, and caregiver gifts. This set includes a classic round cellular image pendant necklace with pink quartz accent beads plus a pair of drop pendant earrings. 

Both the magnify necklace and earrings are available individually too if you want to build your own gift set or pick out a single piece.

2. Awareness Stretch Bracelet for Breast Cancer Research 

breast cancer awareness bracelet in pink opal with round resin pendant

Our breast cancer bracelets jazz up any day and dress up any outfit. Wear a few of them, or recognize your connection to multiple causes by stacking your breast cancer awareness bracelet with other causes that matter to you. 

The easy-to-wear stretch design is perfect for moms with young kids, women with small wrists, and anyone who has trouble fastening jewelry clasps. This bracelet will quickly become your go-to piece of everyday awareness jewelry.

3. Embrace set 

pink oval necklace and earrings set for breast cancer awareness

Celebrate your journey or the journey of someone you care about with a special piece of breast cancer survivor jewelry. The Embrace awareness jewelry set includes a pendant necklace plus 1” drop earrings in your choice of either sterling silver of 14k gold filled metal. 

This set is a gentle reminder to feel the supportive emotional and physical embraces of everyone who has been on your team and by your side.

4. Circle of Hope set 

breast cancer jewelry gift set

Help girls and teens commemorate a mother, sister, aunt, or grandma who has gone through or is facing breast cancer. The Circle of Hope awareness jewelry gift set pairs a shorter, choker-style circle pendant with minimalist stud earrings for an easy daily-wear look or for layering with longer necklaces. Both the pendant and earrings highlight hand cut images of real breast cancer cells plus two dainty pink quartz beads accent the clasp area of the necklace to give an extra touch of color.

5. Life Saver Bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness 

breast cancer awareness bracelet in pink adjustable cord

Draw strength from the unbroken and strong one-inch-wide ring of the resin-coated life saver bracelet. These breast cancer bracelets are fun and affordable. They’re perfect not only as an emotional buoy for women affected by breast cancer, but also for the young and young-at-heart family members and friends who want to show their support. Help save a life and look great doing it with the life saver bracelet.

6. Treasured Memories Necklace 

treasured memories necklace for breast cancer

The dainty, sophisticated treasured memories necklace is one of our most affordable and special breast cancer necklaces. Each metal bead on the delicate sterling silver chain is a reminder of a cherished memory with your loved one. Hold those moments close while supporting the cause with high-quality memorial jewelry that will last a lifetime.

7. Glimmer of Hope Earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness

glimmer of hope earrings for breast cancer awareness that give back to charity

These stylish pink dangle earrings complement any outfit. Even on the darkest of days, the sparkly quartz crystal stones of the drop earrings will catch the light and remind you to hold onto that glimmer of hope in your heart. Always remember that you or your loved one are not going through this alone. You are part of a larger community of support.

8. Breast cancer awareness scarf 

breast cancer awareness scarf

There are plenty of breast cancer headscarf choices, but few as unique as this one. The scarf’s vibrant purple, pink, and white pattern is actually an image of a breast cancer cell printed onto the silky wrinkle-resistant poly voile fabric.

Gift a scarf to a friend or family member who is going through cancer treatments, and keep one for yourself too. It’s the perfect conversation starter to raise awareness and share more information about the cause.

I love how versatile scarves are. You can wear this lightweight 25”x25” accent piece as a head cover, hair cover, sun cover, necktie, or even a ponytail accessory. Need a visual? I made a how to wear a scarf video to walk you through all six ways I like to wear my awareness scarves.

9. Kindred Spirits Earrings for Breast Cancer Research

pink rose quartz dangle charity earrings for breast cancer awareness

These dangle rose quartz earrings have a classic feel. The beautiful soft pink color of the stone complements the round resin breast cancer cell image pendant and adds a sophisticated wash of color to your outfit.

When your loved one sees you wearing these kindred spirts breast cancer earrings, they'll feel your caring support as you hold them in your thoughts and heart throughout their treatment journey.

10. Building Blocks set 

building blocks necklace and earrings set for breast cancer awareness

Each new study and clinical trial is an important building block toward developing a cure for breast cancer. Support and help fund breast cancer research while gifting your loved one a special necklace and earring set. 

The square shaped cellular image pendant necklace and matching drop earrings symbolize both the building blocks of ongoing research as well as the strength and solidarity of standing side by side with others who are impacted by breast cancer. Together we can take back our power and fight this disease.

For even more cause-based jewelry choices, check out our entire breast cancer support jewelry collection.

Remember, for every purchase, 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To read more about them and how your donation makes an impact, click here.

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