pink breast cancer survivor jewelry that gives back to research for a cure

10 Jewelry Ideas for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer is a battle that many brave individuals fight every day. For survivors, commemorating their journey and spreading awareness about this disease can be a powerful and healing experience. One way to do this is through unique and meaningful jewelry

Here's ten breast cancer survivor jewelry ideas that incorporate cell images of breast cancer and give back 10% of gross profit to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to support research for a cure. These beautiful pieces, all in shades of pink, not only celebrate survivors but also contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

1. Link for Change Breast Cancer Necklace

pink breast cancer awareness necklace for survivors 

A Sterling silver pendant featuring a microscopic image of a breast cancer cell encased in resin. The hand wrapped pink Cubic Zirconia stones really sparkle and add a delicate touch. This gorgeous long necklace symbolizes hope, strength, and unity in the fight against breast cancer.

2. Circle of Hope for Breast Cancer Necklace

dainty chain necklace for breast cancer survivor

A dainty round pendant filled with a hand cut breast cancer cell image and finished off with a delicate chain. This choker necklace is a subtle yet impactful way for survivors to carry a piece of their journey with them.

3. Happy Heart Breast Cancer Stud Earrings

breast cancer inspired heart stud earrings


These heart shaped stud earrings with Sterling Silver posts are a cute way to represent any survivor's journey. The inclusion of breast cancer cell imagery serves as a reminder of your resilience and strength.

4. Forever Tied Bracelet for Breast Cancer

adjustable pink cord bracelet with breast cancer pendant


By far our most popular bracelet, this adjustable pink cord with small breast cancer cell image pendant not only symbolizes hope but also showcases a survivor's courage in the face of adversity.

5. Unity Hoop Earrings for Breast Cancer

 unique hoop earrings with pink breast cancer cell image in resin

The Unity Hoop Earrings unite us in our fight for a cure for breast cancer.  The outer circle symbolizes your community coming together around the inner circle which holds a Breast Cancer cell image under resin, representing your battle as a survivor. Feel the support of your loved ones and remember your strength with this unique pair of hoop earrings.

6. Stacked for Change Bracelet Set for Breast Cancer

stretch bracelet stacking set with rhodocrosite, pink jade and rose quartz with breast cancer pendant

A stretch bracelet set that can be stacked up or worn separately. The oval pendant showcases a breast cancer cell image under resin. Featuring Rhodocrosite, Pink Jade and Rose Quartz. Wear this bracelet stack to remember your strength and show off your pride as a survivor. 

7. Light from Within Necklace for Breast Cancer

y necklace with pink breast cancer pendant and rose quartz stone in Sterling silver

A Y-necklace featuring a Rose Quartz stone beneath a small round pendant with a cell image of breast cancer under resin. Finished off with a dainty chain and two pink Cubic Zirconia stones in back for a little extra sparkle. A stylish accessory to raise awareness and highlight your breast cancer survivor journey.

8. Swing Breast Cancer Earrings

small Sterling silver round pink breast cancer earrings

Easy to wear every day round earrings with breast cancer cell images set in resin. These understated earrings can become your biggest statement, symbolizing your strength that lies within.

9. Magnify Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

round pendant necklace with breast cancer image in resin on thin Sterling silver chain

A delicate chain featuring a round pendant with a breast cancer cell image set in resin. This necklace is a subtle accessory that celebrates the breast cancer survivor's journey with every step.

10. Breast Cancer Awareness Stretch Bracelet

pink opal stretch bracelet with small round breast cancer cell image in resin pendant on model

Pink Opal stones adorn this stretch bracelet that's highlighted by a round pendant with a breast cancer cell image set in resin. You can wear this with any outfit and easily spread awareness and gather support wherever you go.

Giving Back

    What sets these jewelry pieces apart is their commitment to giving back. With 10% of gross profit donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, breast cancer survivors and supporters can take pride in knowing that their purchase contributes to vital research for a cure.

    Jewelry can be a powerful way for breast cancer survivors to express their strength, resilience, and hope. These ten jewelry ideas for breast cancer survivors, all incorporate microscopic images of breast cancer cells to create meaningful pieces that celebrate survival and support the ongoing fight against breast cancer. With a portion of proceeds donated to the BCRF, every purchase becomes a contribution to the quest for a cure, offering hope and healing to those affected by this disease.

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     pink breast cancer survivor jewelry

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