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A Huge Thank You to All Change Makers!

This year has flown by and New Year’s is just around the corner! Before we all get started working on our New Year’s resolutions, I want to thank all of you incredible Change Makers for all the amazing support you’ve shown this year! I know that every charity that we’ve partnered with is so grateful to each of you for being involved with our mission to take our power back from devastating diseases. Not only have each of you been vital to our goals of giving back, but I’m also excited to show my gratitude to each and every one of you with some new ideas for 2020!

Revive's 2019 donations in pie chart form

Thank You

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you Change Makers for being a part of our journey of growth in the last year. By becoming a part of the Revive Jewelry community, you have helped raise money for donations to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where all kids, no matter what their financial circumstances, are able to receive the lifesaving care they need. You have also supported sarcoma thrivers by getting the word out about this terrible disease and raising money to care for patients. Last but certainly not least, you joined our partnership with charities like PANCan, the GO2 Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and more, to raise funds to find a cure. We donated over $1800 in 2019! I hope you’ll join me in 2020 to keep making great strides as a community that stands strong together to create positive change for the future.

What's in store for 2020, monthly releases, home party program, new causes and a very special surprise

What's new for 2020?

I also have some announcements about what’s coming to Revive Jewelry in 2020! I can’t tell you everything just yet because I want to keep it a surprise, but in the new year you can expect something very unique in store. Have you ever seen a design for a specific cause and wished you could see the same piece supporting another movement that’s close to your heart? Is there a charity that you’re supporting that you wish you could bring into the Revive Jewelry collection? All I’m going to say right now is that in 2020, it could be your year to bring a special part of you out in a piece of beautiful jewelry.

Cause of the Month

I’m super excited to officially launch the “Cause of the Month.” Each month a new style will be released to highlight a different cause. The sale of the “Cause of the Month” style, will raise money for a charity partner dedicated to research for a cure for that specific cause. 12 months, 12 causes, 12 charities. 

Cause of the month jewelry, 12 months, 12 causes, 12 charities

During the month, I’ll highlight the specific charity focus & other topics related to it, like prevention & detection, recent breakthroughs or research, holistic treatments, survivor highlights, and more! If you’re a member of the Change Maker's Club you’ll get early access to each of these releases. If you’re not part of the club yet, it’s free to join, just click here to reserve your early access. 

Once I get the monthly releases up and running, I’ll be launching the "Cause Club" subscription where you can join to get every monthly release sent to you before anyone else & a couple other perks! I’m still working out the details, but if you want to reserve your space in the Cause Club now, click here.

Home Party Program

Also coming next year, I’m starting a brand-new home party program! Have you ever bought a specific design and wished you could give even more to the charity it supports? Now, you’ll be able to support these charities even more with home parties for individual charity fundraisers. You’ll be able to choose the cause that you want to support and inspire even more Change Makers to join our movement by introducing them to Revive Jewelry in your own home. Follow the blog and social media to find out more details to come next year!

I can’t wait to tell you about all of my new ideas in 2020. I’m so honored that you’ve chosen to be part of our journey so far. It’s been an amazing year and that’s all thanks to you! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions, and what do you hope to see from Revive Jewelry in the next year? I’d love to hear from each of you in the comments!

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