Amethyst: February's Birthstone, healing properties, wedding anniversary or birthday gift

Amethyst: February's Birthstone & So Much More

Where's all my February babies? I'm sure if you're born this month you already know that Amethyst is the birthstone, but do you know why? And, do you know the metaphysical properties of the amethyst stone? Let's dive into everything about this gorgeous semi-precious stone.

About Amethyst

Did you know amethyst can come in different colors? From green to purple, this stone is very durable which is why it's perfect to use in jewelry applications. You can even see different shades of purple within a single piece of amethyst. It's all of these traits that make amethyst the most popular purple stone by far!

Its chemical makeup is similar to quartz, the only difference is the iron present, which gives its special purple tones. Green amethyst, also known as Prasiolite, is made when purple amethyst is heat treated.

amethyst geode

February birthstone origins

Not only is amethyst the birthstone for February, it's also the stone of the 6th & 17th wedding anniversaries. So if you're looking for gifts for any of these things, you can't go wrong with a piece of amethyst jewelry!

But why is amethyst the February birthstone? Legend has it that the patron saint of romantic love, Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid. Is this where it comes from? Perhaps, but the more likely answer points to biblical lore and the breast plate of Aaron, which contained 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. At some point, these 12 stones were assigned to months of the year and as stones have become more rare, commercial vendors have agreed upon replacement stones for those months (a great example of this is June where the birthstone is Alexandrite and Pearl, the pearl being the easier and more affordable option). 

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February birthstone amethyst jewelry that gives back to charity

Amethyst metaphysical properties

Amethyst comes from a Greek word meaning, "not intoxicated, " and it's said that the Greek Gods drank from chalices studded with amethyst to prevent drunkenness and excess. To this day, amethyst is noted as a stone that protects from drunkenness. So if you're partying for your birthday- it's the perfect stone to guard against the dreaded hangover😉

close up of amethyst jewelry collect hope necklace for lymphoma awareness and research

People wear amethyst to promote qualities of stability, peace, courage, focus, romance & affection. These attributes make amethyst the perfect gift to show your love or protect against negative thoughts.

Amethyst also blocks stress and negative environmental influences. It's helpful for people about to make their transition into the afterlife and for coping with loss. 

For more information about how to use amethyst & its healing properties, click here. 

Amethyst Jewelry

Because of its gorgeous purple color, amethyst has long been a stone of the rich and royal. But, today we're lucky to have lots of amethyst available due to a large discovery of deposits in Brazil. Which means that we can all be like royalty with our jewelry, even if we're not born in February or celebrating a wedding anniversary! 

Check out some of these amethyst pieces: 

amethyst jewelry the gives back to a cause

Plus, when you purchase Revive Jewelry, 10% is donated to charities fighting to cure illnesses, diseases and cancers. So not only will you look fabulous in your new amethyst jewelry, you'll also feel fabulous for doing good!

If you happen to see any designs on the site that aren't made with amethyst but you'd like to talk about making them custom to include it, contact me here.

I hope you enjoyed this post about amethyst & now you know when, why and who to buy it for- enjoy!




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