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Remembering the Reason

I started Revive 2 years ago officially, but it started in my heart a long time ago and now I really feel it in my bones. The core of me truly believes that this is a great idea and people will love my brand. It is socially responsible AND beautiful jewelry. It's philanthropic nature is the best part, but the designs themselves are addicting for me. Why? Nature is so beautiful. It draws you in. Even in the most unsuspecting ways.

So what have been the biggest hurdles in pursuing my dream? Time and money. It's a hard step to leave a full time guaranteed paycheck to start from the ground and build something without knowing what will happen. I'm laying the foundation now, and I believe it will grow into something great. It was always my dream to be a jewelry designer. Now the time feels right to make that a reality. Every day I become more confident that now is the time. I need to do this and REALLY do it. 

It is important to explain myself, my jewelry line and what motivates me to pour myself into it. I'm based in Manhattan Beach, California. I grew up here and have never been able to leave. Talk about natural beauty! I worked in the jewelry industry designing and managing production for over seven years. I was educated in jewelry design at California State University, Fullerton where I graduated with the highest honors. It was there that I stumbled on this idea of turning cellular images into jewelry. People were really taken by it. Either they really dug it, or they really thought it was weird. To me, that was awesome! I'd rather have people respond, even if negative, than to have a blasé feeling. That's what art and fashion intend to do- evoke emotion- and that's what I was doing. It felt great. After I graduated, I entered the work force to gain some experience. While I was working for other people, my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. They didn't detect it until it was already stage 4 and had spread throughout his body. He passed away within a month of being diagnosed. It was very sudden and very unfair. Around the same time, my brother was diagnosed with lupus. I sat with him in the emergency room during his first flare up and I can honestly say that lupus is the most painful and scary thing I have seen someone endure. I remember holding my brother's hand and praying for him to get better, for the doctors to figure out what was wrong. It was very hard. Now, his lupus is under control and treatment is going well for him, but I was stunned to learn that there is an incredible lack of information on this disease and no known cure. I want to help change that. I want to change what happens when someone gets lung cancer or breast cancer, or any disease. We can do this, together, by donating to these causes and helping them find cures to help all the people of the world, their families and friends. This is my dream, and I'm trying to make it come true. 

I'd love for you to leave me a comment and let me know your story. What is your dream? What is your life's mission?

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