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Pro Tips: Summer Skin Health

With summertime right around the corner, I’m ready to get my bathing suit on & celebrate the sunshine- who’s with me?! I’ve got a pool party to attend on Memorial Day weekend and I can’t wait to show off my new cover up. It’s always about this time of the year that I’m reminded of all the sun exposure I’m about to get and it makes me think about all the other folks out there that are doing the same thing.

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So today on the blog I wanted to talk about how to keep yourself healthy & skin cancer free while being able to enjoy the summer like you deserve! I’m gonna dive right in. (get it, haha!)

Let’s start with prevention. How do you attend all the beach, pool or outdoor activities while getting minimal exposure? Read on for some tips!


Hats- it’s a good idea to always wear a hat when you're outside in the sun. The wider the brim the better. I like to carry around a baseball cap in my purse or car so I always have it nearby if I get caught in the sun.


Shade- it’s your friend. When you’re in for a sunny day, make sure you have some shade nearby. You can either post up there, or pop in and out. That way you can enjoy the fun and prevent a sunburn.


Sunglasses- they make you look cool and protect your eyes! Win-win. Also, if they're big, they'll protect more of that gorgeous face of yours!


Protective clothing- yes, they make UV protective clothing. You don’t have to go that far though. You can just wear a long sleeve or a cover up so the sun doesn’t get ya!


Sunscreen- here’s an obvious one that’s easy to forget. Anytime you’ll be exposed to sun for more than 15 minutes you should apply sunscreen. Try carrying a small tube in your purse or leave one in your car.

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Ok, now let’s talk about detection. Did you know if you find and remove it early, almost all skin cancers are curable? That’s why its so important to check your self regularly for suspicious moles. Doctors suggest doing a monthly self inspection and you should plan on seeing your dermatologist yearly for a check up.

What to look for in your self exam:

The basics: Look for any flat and/or irregular shaped moles with discoloration around the edges. Lesions that change, itch, bleed, or don't heal are also red flags.

A more involved check:

The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests using the ABCDE method. When you do your self exam check all your moles and ask yourself, “is my mole….”:

A- Asymmetrical?

B- Border not smooth or uneven?

C- Color varied?

D- Diameter larger than a pencil tip or 1/4”?

E- Evolving or changing over time? This can include any changes, such as becoming itchy or crusty. 

If you answered yes to any of these, it's time to make that appointment with your doctor.


Take photos of moles that look suspicious so you have a way of tracking their growth or hopefully, lack thereof.


Remember, if you’re not sure if you should be concerned, it’s probably best to schedule an appointment with your Dermatologist ASAP to be sure.

Alright, now that we’re ready to take on the summer & come out healthy all while enjoying every pool party under the sun, let’s talk about how Revive is helping people with skin cancer every day.

14k gold filled chain necklace with gold pendant necklace

Our Katie for Melanoma Research collection raises funds and awareness for Skin Cancer Foundation. Based on a melanoma cell image and inspired by Katie, a two time melanoma survivor, this gorgeous necklace is intended to adorn you with beauty & inspire hope from within you. 20% of the proceeds from this necklace are donated to help research better treatments & cures for skin cancer. Click here to shop now!

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