New Year, New Cause of the Month-Revive Jewelry

New Year, New Cause of the Month

Happy New Year, Change Makers! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the holidays with your friends and family and made great memories! I certainly loved spending time with all the people I hold dear to my heart. I want to keep that positivity going into the New Year, so I’m super excited to officially launch the Cause of the Month program! 

Each month I’ll release a new style to highlight a different cause. The sale of this “Cause of the Month” style, will raise money for a charity partner dedicated to research for a cure for that specific cause. 12 months, 12 causes, 12 charities. 

Cause of the month club, 12 months, 12 causes, 12 charities with an assortment of Revive Jewelry

During each month, I’ll talk about the specific charity focus & other topics related to it, like prevention & detection, recent breakthroughs or research, holistic treatments, survivor highlights, and more! If you’re a member of the Change Maker's Club you’ll get early access to each of these releases. If you’re not part of the club yet, it’s free to join, just click here to reserve your early access. 

So, let’s kick off 2020 right with our first official Cause of the Month release! Keep reading to see this gorgeous new style & find out what charity we’ll be raising life-saving funds for in the month of January.

Cause of the Month

Something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about is how to keep the Revive Jewelry purpose at the forefront of every design by also creating high quality, contemporary jewelry that everyone would be excited to wear. My main priority is to give back to the causes that most need our help, but I also want to create beautiful and fashionable necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I want to embody each cause with dignity and in a way that people will want to show their support by wearing these pieces every day. That’s why for this new design, I’m showcasing a very important cause but I’m also drawing inspiration from one of the most gorgeous trends in jewelry design today.

Introducing the Front & Center Necklace

front and center necklace in 6 different colors for 5 different causes

The brand new Front and Center Necklace is about putting your cause front and center. This necklace showcases an elegant arrangement of small gems that will shine just above your collarbone. At the center, there is a colorful pendant of a cell image encased in resin that lowers down individually from the row of gems. This design comes in specific colors that support five different causes. Each necklace comes in either sterling silver or 14k gold filled and ranges in representing the fight against breast cancer, diabetes, lung cancer, melanoma, and multiple sclerosis.

Each pendant draws its inspiration from a cell image of each of these diseases, making it a unique and elegant way to spotlight your support for funding research and awareness. Also, each design features a different set of gemstones to best reflect everything the necklace stands for. Take a look at all of the different pendants and gem arrangements by clicking here.

model wearing the front and center necklace layered with the unity necklace for multiple sclerosis research

Cause Spotlight 

This January, I want to spotlight the Front and Center Necklace for Diabetes Research. When I first took a look at a close-up image of a cell affected by diabetes, I found this purple image on the left. I decided to take my own artistic liberty while exploring the many intricate shapes within the image and using computer software, I chose a color combination of green, blue, and white.

two differently colored diabetes cell images side by side

Image credits here.

I specifically wanted to involve the color blue because it represents diabetes awareness. I also wanted to choose a gemstone that would accentuate the center pendant while still supporting the overall message of the design. I was drawn to crystal quartz because of its graceful look and especially because of its master healing properties. The clear quartz’s refined subtlety seems like a perfect way to highlight the value of self-care that’s so important for any diabetes thriver.

Diabetes is a particularly important cause to support because it’s chronically underfunded. Last year, diabetes research was at risk due to the absence of long-term funding. There’s a great fear that without sustained funding, many organizations could shut down and halt this very necessary research into the causes and potential prevention of diabetes. The need for research about this disease also has a special place in my heart because I have family members with diabetes. I want to do everything I can to give back to the organizations that lead to better understanding and awareness of the journey of people with diabetes.

Explore the entire Front and Center collection of designs to choose the cause you most want to support! And, as always, this design can be custom ordered in any cause by contacting me here. This month, join me in showing your encouragement for these life-changing research projects by purchasing the Front and Center Necklace for Diabetes Research.

front and center necklace for diabetes research

Shop to Support Diabetes Research

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