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Partner Spotlight: Lung Cancer Alliance

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As I began to lay the foundations for Revive, I knew one of the most important aspects of my mission would be to choose charity partners that were truly committed to giving the highest percentage of their dollars collected back to finding a cure and helping patients and their families. Through lots of research, I came across Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) and found that this organization was one I’d be honored to work with. They are committed to raising money to fund all the aspects that go along with a lung cancer diagnosis, from prevention to treatment and even helping families of patients. To highlight a few of the awesome works they do, they have been advocating on Capitol Hill for legislation affecting lung cancer research funding, educating and encouraging early detection through clever campaigns, spreading the word through emails, literature and webinars (all free) regarding ground breaking new treatments for single cell lung cancer and other types of lung cancer. They also encourage women, the demographic most affected by lung cancer, to see their health care providers regularly while supplying them information on educating themselves and preventing the disease.
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Why is lung cancer such an important cause to me? Going back to when I was a child, my grandfather was the best man in my life. He was always there for me, from coaching my softball team to teaching me to drive on the freeway. He was the father figure in my life. A serial entrepreneur, he always had his own business and gave me my first job working in his small hobby store. I lost him very abruptly to lung cancer and was completely devastated to lose him. It was his passing that sparked the idea of Revive, and my desire to honor his entrepreneurial spirit that really pushed me to make it a reality. It is in his honor that I run my business and try to raise money for lung cancer research so others do not endure the pain he and my family did. I know he is proud of everything I’ve accomplished and is cheering me on from heaven.
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So, what better way to honor him than to make a big impact during lung cancer awareness month in November? I’m excited to announce my special partnership with LCA for the month! I will be offering an exclusive bracelet featuring a brand new pendant designed just for this event. I love this new design because it looks like an angel. I’ve paired it with my signature Heaven mix because white is the awareness color of lung cancer and it includes pearls which help you feel closer to lost loved ones, bring good luck and calm emotions. The main reason for this special release is to raise money for LCA to fight for a cure. Because of that, I am doubling my donation for every bracelet from November 6th-8th. Please make sure you mark your calendars and participate in the event so we can work together on finding a cure, saving people and keeping families intact.lung cancer alliance logo
There are other ways you can get involved! Want to plan your own event? LCA has some great resources here.
Or if you’d like to donate directly to LCA, click here.
Keep your eye on my social media for photos of the special release bracelet. Make sure you follow me by clicking the links below!
How will you get involved this month? Let me know in the comments! 

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